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This story is a sequel to All That We Become: A Single Step

The wedding between Cadence And Shining Armor is perhaps one of the most bittersweet moments in recent Equestrian history. A famous union of true love between Princess and Captain of the Royal Guard, tarnished forever by the insidious treachery and assault of one of Equestria's most infamous villains. Even so, time has seen love conquer the bleak moments of the event and the villain of the story on the path to reformation; time though has not healed the deep wound left by the event which is something Celestia is hoping to see done. Chrysalis and Cadence come face to face, with family at their sides, in an effort to both move on.

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Very well written this.
Well done to you.

Looks interesting, I’ll give your stories a read as soon as I have time for it.

It's kind of fun, translating Chrysalis' words to Thorax into Momspeech. Especially since you end up with her telling him to chew with his mouth closed and keep his elbows off the table, or scolding him for yelling across the house. It's kind of endearing.

Scorpan is looking to enroll Cozy Glow in a normal school soon

Oh dear. That's going to be interesting. She's going to have most of her classmates wrapped around her hoof by the end of the week, isn't she? She may be reformed, but she's still Cozy Glow, after all.

That was nice, good to see Chryssie forgive herself too.

I wonder if she'll ever decide to change her form like the others, or remain like she is. Would be funny if her changed form was still dark, just more complete.

'this throne' - his throne

'His smiled lessened' - smile

'take break though' - take a break, though

That little tidbit was placed to set up some of the goings on in the story that will focus on Tirek and Cozy down the line. Cozy working on being a normal 'kid' is certainly a part of that tale.

Thanks. I plan on keeping her as is, the whole point being that even though Thorax and the others have evolved it doesn't mean she still isn't a part of their family. The love that keeps getting expressed to her by her family is more than enough to sustain her even though she hasn't evolved into the new form. Fixed those little mistakes as well, appreciate the catch. 👍

I wanted that kind of dynamic between them. Even though the bulk of the existing hive are all her children I felt that Thorax, given his nature and personality, would be a great conduit for a more literal mother/son interaction that could be funny and genuinely sweet at the same time.

What a lovely little redemption story! Really enjoyable!!!!

This is a realy good story :yay:


Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I was definitely happy with the way this one turned out.


Loved the story (of course I would, I’m a pretty big fan of Chrysalis and still think the show could have easily done more with her), there’s just one thing that kind of jumped out at me on first reading (bold emphasis mine):

“This isn’t just about hate; what happened in the Crystal Empire is far more complicated than that, my… defeat there left a lot of scars.”

Unless this plays in a parallel universe and I never caught on despite having also gone through the prequel stories, the royal wedding was in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire hadn’t even returned yet. Just thought I’d point that out so it can be fixed. :raritywink:

Thanks for the catch, that is corrected. Glad you liked the story. 👍

an excellent AU, this
eagerly awaiting the next installment

I read this and I love it. I am looking forward to what you do next with this world.

I finally got around to reading this and I safely say that it's definitely now one of my favorites! I hope there's more coming from this AU in the future.

Keep up the great work 😃

Thanks. :pinkiehappy: Dragon Renaissance is also available if you haven't read that entry yet.

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