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Leaving Carousel Boutique the morning before he and Yona are set to debut their latest fashion line, Sandbar finds himself thinking about life, love, the future, and what his relationship with Yona might mean in a larger, universal sense.

Unfortunately, thinking's not the sort of thing that usually turns out well for him.

The original version of this story placed second in the 131st Writeoff, Cutting Corners.

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This was a fun read, keep it up.

This was fantastic! There aren't nearly enough YonaBar fics, and I think those two are just adorable together. Tender Taps and Sweetie is a new one. He's normally shown with Apple Bloom, but with both he and Sweetie working in entertainment, that makes perfect sense.

I really liked how you characterized Sandbar. He does have that air of surfer-dude absentmindedness about him. Although, it was so prevalent, I almost worry he's got, like, the extremely early stages of Alzheimer's or something. Discord was also in perfect form.

All in all, a super sweet little slice of life story. Loved it!



I'd always wondered what Sandbar and the other pony students were doing at Twilight's school. So I decided in Sandbar's case to give him a mild, pony form of Prosopagnosia, an innate inability to recognize faces, something that's made it hard for him to form friendships since he can't really tell one pony from another.


"Stupid?" Sandbar blinked. "Asking you for help is stupid?"

Yes! It's DISCORD, for crying out loud! :rainbowlaugh:

Luckily, Sandbar doesn't need Discord's help at all after all. :trixieshiftleft:

This was a fun little story, nice exploration of Sandbar as a character overall. :twilightsmile:

I was thinking the same thing, until I caught on that it was more a case of Prosopagnosia (which I know of thanks to a totally different fic), which was relieving to realize--Sandbar having Alzheimer's is just sad to think about. :fluttershysad:

Sandbar seriously cut back on the drugs dude! Responsible use means not so much that your too stoned to remember stuff.

You did it. The only stories I've ever read about Sandbar that I've enjoyed have made him out to be the butt of the joke, or just let him fade into the background.
But you wrote a story from Sandbar's POV that fits his established traits, while logically projecting out what a deeper insight into his character might look like, all while writing a cute and entertaining story.


Thanks, folks:

This was one of the ideas I decided not to write for the Young Six Writing Contest that Miller Minus is putting together. So when the idea fit the prompt for the 131st Writeoff Contest, I wrote it for that contest instead and had quite a fun time doing it. I've got a completely different Young Six story that I'll be entering in Miller's contest, too.

There's always so much going on!

Oh, and Sandbar's just high on life, dude. High! On! Life!


This was a really sweet Yonbar fic. I've always thought the two were together as a couple in the future.

Taps shook his head, his usually well-styled mane a little scruffy, and started toward town square. "With her morning sickness, Sweetie wasn't in much of a mood for breakfast." He gave another grin. "Oh, yeah: we're pregnant, by the way."

Both YOU and SWEETIE BELLE are pregnant?! How does that work? :rainbowlaugh:


It's prob'bly:

The Royal We. After all, they're living in Twilight's old castle now... :twilightsmile:


Those two are so sweet.

That was super cute and I want a sequel.

Aww this was a pretty adorable story about Sandbar and Yona how their relationship is going but hearing the news about tender Taps and Sweetie Belle getting a kid he's been wondering that he and Yona ever get a kid for them self I'm sure they'll find a way but it was cool to see Discord sort of giving him some advice but to Sandbar he really truly cares about her no matter what happens in the future this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

I really liked this story. The sheer angst overlapped with Sandbar's unrelenting love for his wife is simply a joy to read. That "Tender Taps x Sweetie Belle" did freak me out a bit, and pulled me out of my suspension of disbelief, since, y'know, Taps is traditionally shipped with Apple Bloom. Luckily it didn't take much time in the story altogether.
This has become my go-to YonaBar fanfic. Congratulations.

It's an expression. A marriage is made out of two people, sharing equal responsibilities. If your partner is pregnant, you're putting the same amount of mental effort, and you dedicate the same amount of involvement in the kid's development. Thus, it's colloquial to say "we're pregnant".

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