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  • EEpitaphs
    Rainbow Dash asks her friends what they might want carved on their tombstones. Her friends tell her.
    Baal Bunny · 1.4k words  ·  531  4 · 6.8k views
  • ECollaborators
    Ahuizotl threatens to sue A. K. Yearling for libel unless she stops writing the Daring Do books. She makes him a counter-offer.
    Baal Bunny · 9.9k words  ·  649  6 · 5.4k views
  • EDiscontinuity
    When space-time breaks in a way it usually doesn't, Discord and Applejack end up racing through dimensions, trying to find a way back home. If home still exists...
    Baal Bunny · 3.7k words  ·  397  2 · 5.3k views
  • EStupid Tree
    Twilight confronts the Tree of Harmony about the way it never sends her on Friendship Missions. The Tree explains itself. Kind of.
    Baal Bunny · 1.6k words  ·  637  15 · 6.6k views