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When space-time breaks in a way it usually doesn't, Discord and Applejack end up racing through dimensions, trying to find a way back home. If home still exists...

Written for the November 2015 Writeoff Association contest, "Out of Time," this story took 16th place.

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Hell yes demiurge applejack is a go!

Explanation time! Why didn't this story make the finals? It's sooooooo good!

I don't know why Pinkie is confused by what AJ said. I understood it.

It was the fact she said it instead of pinkie.
Pinkie is confused because AJ transcended Pinkie briefly, snatching her section of scripted lines from reality.

Golly, it's been a while since I read an Augie/Baal story. Man I forgot how amazing these things are! :pinkiegasp:

...dead tree branch against the top of her heads

:applejackconfused: Typo or intentional? Who can tell?


I recall, somehow, that comments were desired from people who have some understanding* of Thermodynamics? It's fine. I recall that I thought that when first reading the story as part of the context. 'Oh, there's some nice thermodynamics in there'. I probably should've written that in the review...


*For context, I'm a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at a Russell Group University, my Doctorate is in Laser Interferometry for Gravitational Wave Detection, and I hold a First Class Honours Master of Physics. That said, I haven't dealt in any serious way with thermodynamics for some years. On the other hand, I did differentiate in anger last week...


Thanks, folks!

Let me put up a link to the gallery for the Writeoff that this story came from so folks can see the other stories. There are a bunch of good things there from authors like Cold in Gardez, horizon, georg, Trick Question, HoofBitingActionOverload, Bachiavellian, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and I'm absolutely confident that they'll be hitting the Featured Box around here next week after the voting's done. So get in on the ground floor and read 'em now! :twilightsmile:


6638518 *pokes you with an entangled rubidium atom from 10,000 light years away* Hee hee!

6639377 Ow! Quit with the spooky action at a distance, it makes my brain hurt!

This comic seems relevant.

The story seems short for some reason, but it's really fun! (And funny.)

Ohhh I love it when people get physics mixed up in their pony stories! Its great fun.

Ohhh I can't wait for more.

6639658 *Alondro IS spooky action at a distance! He's like, over here. And you're like, over there! Woooooooo! Spooooooky!*

"You ponies always trying to impose order, laying out your trees in unnatural rows and growing apples of nearly uniform size, shape, color, taste, and texture:

"You take that back, you cotton pickin' varmint!"derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/11/17/1024455__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_screencap_apple_food_sweet+apple+acres_applebuck+season_orchard.jpg

Wow. Nice job throwing together something that resembles a scientific explanation for Discord's backstory and powers. Some might be surprised that Applejack was able to follow along and exploit her foreignness to the un-realm, but grounded logic has always been AJ's game, and she'll pick up the pieces if you lay them down straight for her. Her practicality is to be admired, even when it involves dimension-leaping!

And most importantly, the cake was saved in the end. :)


Thanks, folks!

As a guy who majored in Latin and Ancient Greek, my scientific background consists of things I vaguely recall from a couple "conceptual physics" classes I took in college 30 years ago... :twilightblush:


To Discord, that probably looks positively regimented.

But still, cake hats for everyone! :pinkiehappy:


6642443 30 years ago? Glad you cared enough to grace us with this unique and quite enjoyable story, seems experience beats talent no matter what way you slice the cake.

I'm still very sad that this didn't make the finals this month. I loved it from start to finish, and I'm glad that a fair chunk of Fimfiction seems to agree with me.


...that's an interesting take on Discord's abilities.


I'll say it again:

Thanks, folks! I'm just glad to have a place I can post these little stories where other folks can find 'em and enjoy 'em. :eeyup:


"I'm not," he went on, "native to your land, your world, or even your universe." He spread his front legs. "This charmless spot, this non-place where the wind goes when it's not blowing, this dimensionless stretch between the peaks of an individual particle-wave, this is as close to a natal place as I have. For I am the spirit of chaos, of disorder, of entropy, and this massless mass of undifferentiated space-time is all that and more. I floated at one with this less-than-nothingness until some freak accident sent a discontinuity wave crashing through and washed me out into your lovely and layered universe, the one place where I could take advantage of my true nature."

Feh, a half-truth at best.

I know for a fact Queen Lacewing of the Flutterponies invited him into the universe through a crack in the Sunstone after Flutter Valley froze from the windigoes. :raritywink:

This was a fun take on Discord's origin and powers. Interesting choice to have Applejack go with him. I suppose if Twilight had gone with him she would have either panicked or overthought everything, or both.

suddenly her hooves were tingling like she'd slept with her legs bunched wrong, pins and needles jabbing and stabbing

I hate that feeling... :fluttershbad:

I enjoyed this story, though. Thanks for writing! :ajsmug:

Interesting choice of characters! It's what drew me in.
Liked! :twilightsmile:

Amazing! Applejack and Discord never really have much interaction on screen, so I'm impressed with the way you were able to keep the characters true to themselves and play off one another so well.

6641844 I agree! I hate it when people write Applejack off as being unintelligent. She's grounded, rational, and amazingly clearheaded. Most importantly, she doesn't overthink things. It did take her a bit to understand what was going on, but once it clicked, she applied simple logic and saved the day.

Good stuff.

AJ with chaos powers would be an interesting thing to see more of.

6689573 There's actually a fanfic on this very site where that exact thing happens. It's called Apple of Discord. Definitely would recommend giving it a read. :ajsmug:

6709022 As though my 'to read' list wasn't long enough. :P

I assume you mean the one by Permutator?


That was quite a story. Honestly I was extremely confused for the entire beginning part (though I think the cotton candy trees are from Adventure Time?). Then it all somehow made sense and didn't make sense at the same time. But all in all I loved the Applejack and Discord interaction even though it was non-romantic (I kinda ship them but I know this isn't a romantic story). Though they still felt more like frenemies or something. Oh well, this was an awesome story and it should have made it to the finals.

(Also why was Discord calling Applejack by weird names?)

It's practically perfect!


Thanks, folks!

The weird names is just 'cause Discord calls Fluttershy "Shutterfly" a couple times in one of the episodes--"Princess Twilight," maybe? So I figured I'd have him do a similar thing for Applejack.


Applejack doesn't seem to have created anything except maybe her hat. Not nearly a universe.

Pratchett could have warned them about this. When an Anthropomorphic Personification goes around not doing what he is, he stops being what he is.

"If it confuses Pinkie Pie, then I heartily approve!"


Wow, that was.... really damn fun and interesting, and just really damn good.



As long as no one has to do the math that goes along with the story, we should be fine... :twilightsheepish:


I found this in the "Alicorn Applejack" folder. Is Applejack supposed to become a princess or something?



Nope, no alicorns here:

I didn't even know there was a group for Alicorn Applejack stories. :pinkiegasp:


Well, if you want to have AJ become an alicorn, I'm all for it.


Applejack doesn’t normally feature in stories like these, but I’m glad she did in this one.

*wild, full-throated applause ensues*



This is the "little story that could," I guess. I mean, it took 16th place in the contest I originally wrote it for and has since become my 3rd most popular story. Mysterious! :yay:


I was listening to instrumental battle music while reading this, and let me tell you it made this an experience.

In any case, all things considered, Applejack was exactly the right choice for who else should have gone along with Discord.


Applejack is always a good choice when a person's getting shunted off into mysterious Realms Beyond Time and/or Space, I've always found. :ajsmug:


Wow applejack You go girl :ajsmug: Never thought that she figure out how This whole situation works especially with all those discord chaos thing what's going on But somehow Both him and her made it And I do like how Apple Jack and discord work together sort of To get back to their own World And a pretty interesting team up too This was a pretty good story it was confusing in the beginning but I started to get it now a little lol

This is undervalued, that was a very good story.

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