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On her way back from one of Pinkie Pie's parties, Applejack was bitten by a strange timberwolf. After that night, the others noticed that Applejack has been acting a little strange. And after pony couple were attacked by a strange pony-like timberwolf, other decide to investigate. It's soon discovered that Applejack has been changed to Timberjack. And the only way to stop her is to enlist the help of a friend of the night...Flutterbat!

This fic was inspired by the original art and came from an RP with a fellow author

Co-authors: fluttercord45, GivingSpider

Featured on 10/12/15!!!:yay:
Featured on 10/24/15!!!!:pinkiegasp:
Featured on 10/31/15!!!:rainbowderp:
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“You sure you’re feeling alright,AJ?” asked a worried. “I think you need some rest. Me and Pinkie can-”

It should be asked a worried Rainbow, or Rainbow Dash. I just wanted to point that out. There are a few spelling errors, but that's easily fixable. Besides that, I loved it, but I'm a personal fan of werewolf's (or mutations in general), so I sucker up to these types of stories. Still, I enjoyed it, the characters are good, and the story is interesting. Keep up the good work! :yay:

Awesome story! Besides having a few grammar mistakes here and there, I can't wait for the next chapter! When will you release it?

You've also earned yourself a follower.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for letting me know about the error. I believe I got them all

6323798 If you ever consider doing a sequel, I'd like to pitch in with my OC, Pietro.

As she was trying to drift off to sleep, she felt  something strange happening to her body. She couldn’t quite describe it but it felt as if her very DNA was being transformed.


Make more plz i like this story

A sequel to the story: a tri-battle where Parasprite Pinkie joins in...

Huh. Found it's way to the featured page. Neat story concept. Not totally original but original enough within the fandom.

Jaws theme music in 3 .2.1. Now [youtube=https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wCfWHqrYUqo] lol :rainbowlaugh: next chapter please.

So, Fluttershy went for a walk. A very enthusiastic walk...:yay:

Interesting. I hope in the future chapters will be more Timberjack.)

6525679 indeed it will:ajsmug: specifically the last two as they begin their epic clash

Can't wait for more! :yay:

Warning:If you take too long for the next chapter then I'll have Pinkie cut you! :pinkiecrazy: What? I didn't say anything... :twilightoops:


good chapter keep it up! :trollestia:

That was really awesome! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Comment posted by sarkodine deleted Oct 24th, 2015

I Haven't read this yet but I can tell this will be a badass fanfic since Godzilla vs. Mecha- Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla!

This. Is. So. Awesome! Get ready battle!!!

TimberJack vs FlutterBat!

Place your bets!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Oh my god I'm not sure if I said back then but regardless. Thank you again so much for this. I've been wanting a story with these two ever since I saw that print last year. And now here we are at the cover image. This is amazing so far.

Someone needs to do a video of this fight... with the mortal kombat song

Oh, i can't wait to see, what will happend next!

Good job!

“Okay, if want the truth. It’s because of you Twilight that she turned into Flutterbat.”

“What? How is this my fault!” said Twilight.

“It’s simple really. Remember that spell you used the first time to change her back?” he asked.

“Y-Yeah?” she timidly responded.

“Well, that spell didn’t completely remove all of the vampire fruit bats traits out of her body. There was still a dormant part of it that was still within her,” he explained.

“What are you talking about?” asked Pinkie.

“Well my dear, let answer your question with another one. Did anyone you noticed that Fluttershy has a small fang in her mouth?”

They all thought for a moment and then the realization hit them like a ton of bricks.

“Now you’re getting it. Fluttershy never said anything to you girls because she didn’t want you to worry. But whenever there’s a full moon that dormant side comes out. She been learning to control it, and it seems like her hard work has paid off.”

“I…I never knew…” Twilight said in disbelief.

Discord, your my hero.

*hoping that Applejack gets to keep her powers and learn to control them too*

I haven't gotten around to reading this yet, but the story title and the cover picture alone make it look like the most amazing thing already. I'm not sure how I feel about it not being comedy, though, because if there's one thing that sounds like it ought to be played for laughs, it's this. Getting back to you about that once I've found the time to read it.

As the two were walking away, they heard a snap of a talon.

Wait... is that you, Discord?

6587093 well I does have some comedy aspects, but it's more of a serious fic :twilightsheepish:.

This is... serious?



Well, I'll see how well that works out for me, then. With a title like that, it really seems to scream "Freddy vs. Jason" style cheesy horror movie spoof, but that's no reason not to read it on its own terms first and judge later.

Oh Twilight you can't stop a great fight were your friends aren't themselves!

Oh yea! Go FlutterBat! Beat that wood up like it was rotten!!!

HOLY SHIT!... :pinkiegasp: Okay, that was intense! :fluttershbad:
But honestly, I'm totally Team Flutterbat! Go, best pony- er... bat-pony! :yay:

Where did the concept of Timberjack come from?

6587537 to be honest it came from the cover art. The rest was from main an rp with my co-authors

Hey I'm for team Flutterbat as well.
Not because Temberjack is bad. Just she's new to it, needs to calm down, and get use to the ware thing like Fluttershy with Flutterbat. Or get healed by Twilight.

Eh, it feels less Freddy vs Jason and more like Van Helsing vs Dracula (the Hugh Jackman version obviously), semi cheesy but still good fun to be had.

Well, I'm sold. I loved that movie.

Go, Timberjack! GO!
Beat this yellow-mane vampire pony!
I like this chapter ^^

6589014 finally, Timberjack gets some love :ajsmug:

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