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Twilight the alicorn

I am a beginning writer, who is only 10 years old, so please be nice to me in your comments. I am here because I love to write and I love to watch MLP! Negative comments will be deleted and ignored!

Death Has A Shadow


The Blog Vlog(TEASER) · 12:45am Sep 25th, 2015

Hello this is my first blog on fimfiction.net!It will be fun see you all in the real one~Dashie D.
Get off Rainbow so yeah see you in the next one~Twiliy T.~Rarity Rare~Pinkie P.~Apple AJ.~Flutter F.~Dashie D.

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2002345 yeah the creative juices are flowing so we should be on pace to finish the story soon. Btw you can call F1 if you'd like. That's what I usually go by anyways:twilightblush:

2002334 That's awesome fluttershysone and I read that teaser you gave in your blog about Flutterbat Vs. Timberjack and it was great and really nice work. See you soon fluttershysone~Twiliy T.

2001703 thanks. That was a fanon name I found so I decided to go with it

No problem for the fav and I can't wait to read the new chapter of Flutterbat Vs. Timberjack and I love the name for Applejack when she turns half timberwolf I love the name Timberjack~Twiliy T.

1997565 I'm currently in the process of writing it with my co-author.

Thanks for the fave of Love with a Twist :twistnerd:

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