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It started out as an ordinary date for Button Mash and Sweetie Belle. As the two were enjoying themselves they decide to end their date with a movie. Much to her shegrin, they went to see the private screening of the new Captain Blue movie "The Legend of Captain Blue". During the movie , the evil Almighty Leader emerged from the film an took Sweetie Belle into the movie. Before he could react, Button was dragged into the film the legendary mech 'Six Majin'. Will Button have what it takes to save his beloved Sweetie Belle from the evil Jadow, or will he be too caught up in being an actual super hero?

All characters are aged up (i.e. 18+). Human tag is due to some of the characters/villains will be human


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Finally, after all these years, another Viewtiful Joe fan! Consider yourself faved and followed, and I hope you can do the same for me. But, for now... HENSHIN-A-BYE-BYE!

Henshin-a go go baby!

Huh, looks like I might have a new rival. I hope he's smarter than Stumblebutt Joe.

Henshin-a go go baby!!!

Got to have this in here:

Also my favorite speedrun of this game by this guy:

I've never actually seen Viewful Joe, but this is played and paced very well! My only prob...

He charged dark figure

I believe it's charged the dark figure.

I remember the games but I never played them. I do remember watching a few episodes of the TV show, though.

This is gonna be a blast, I can already tell. Henshin-a-go-go!

5900020 I have the game for the Nintendo GameCube

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