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You are a very hard worker. You go to work, do your your job and go home. This was your routine. And finally, after many months of planning and saving, you finally were able to get reserve a room at the luxurious Marewell Resort.

It was meant to be a dream vacation. One you deserved and needed. But after you come in contact mysterious old door, your dream of a peaceful vacation will be thrown into chaos as you desperately try to cling to your sanity.

Many thanks to GivingSpider for helping flesh out this story

Chapters (4)

While Twilight was teaching Starlight a new spell, a miscalcution happened and Starlight messed it up and caused a rift to open between dimension. As a result, the male mane 6 were pulled from their own dimension and brought to the mane 6 one.

As Twilight tries to figure out a way to send them back, her and the others try to help their male counterparts adjust to their new lives in their world.

Co-authors: fluttercord45 and GivingSpider

Proofreaders: Nightglimmer22, AppleMaker, Dragon Soul, and TheEngie

Not a clopfic, the sex tag is for the suggestive themes within the chapters.

Dusk Shine x Fluttershy
Twilight Sparkle x Bubble Berry
Rainbow Blitz x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Butterscotch
Elusive x Pinkie Pie
Rarity x Applejack (r63)

Chapters (9)

For a research project, Maud journeys to the mysterious Calming Rock quarry to investigate the soothing properties it contains. While there she runs into a interesting mare by the name of Tree Hugger. Though she was there initally for geology research, she'll end up finding something more.

This fic is a birthday gift for one of my bestfriends GivingSpider

Chapters (1)

On her way back from one of Pinkie Pie's parties, Applejack was bitten by a strange timberwolf. After that night, the others noticed that Applejack has been acting a little strange. And after pony couple were attacked by a strange pony-like timberwolf, other decide to investigate. It's soon discovered that Applejack has been changed to Timberjack. And the only way to stop her is to enlist the help of a friend of the night...Flutterbat!

This fic was inspired by the original art and came from an RP with a fellow author

Co-authors: fluttercord45, GivingSpider

Featured on 10/12/15!!!:yay:
Featured on 10/24/15!!!!:pinkiegasp:
Featured on 10/31/15!!!:rainbowderp:
Featured on 11/08/15!!!:trollestia:

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It started out as an ordinary date for Button Mash and Sweetie Belle. As the two were enjoying themselves they decide to end their date with a movie. Much to her shegrin, they went to see the private screening of the new Captain Blue movie "The Legend of Captain Blue". During the movie , the evil Almighty Leader emerged from the film an took Sweetie Belle into the movie. Before he could react, Button was dragged into the film the legendary mech 'Six Majin'. Will Button have what it takes to save his beloved Sweetie Belle from the evil Jadow, or will he be too caught up in being an actual super hero?

All characters are aged up (i.e. 18+). Human tag is due to some of the characters/villains will be human


Chapters (2)

I will always remember that day...the day when I lost everything. It seemed like a normal day. My mom dropped me off for my first day of school, I met a few of my classmates, I even met an interesting orange filly. But that all change when there was a rumbling resonated through Ponyville. Now I have nothing left... No home and no family. My name is Golden Wings...and this is my story.

This will be a First-pony POV OCxScoots fic

This story was given to me with permission from Griffon Claw.

Editors: The Notebook and Sycamore

Chapters (4)

Snails and Twist were your average, everyday ponies. They were schoolmates. They were friends. But each one had a secret that they kept from each other. They both loved each other. However they didn't want to ruin their friendship, so each kept it to themselves.

But, when Twist moved away, Snails found it hard to fight his feeling anymore (though he could never speak them aloud). After being apart for four years, the two reunite at the prestigious Canterlot High. Will these two ponies be able to share their feelings that they kept hidden so long ago?

Many thanks to Telepony for editing. And The Notebook for being my co-writer. :yay: :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (3)

A few years ago, while on archeological dig, in Saddle Arabia, a young stallion named Maximilian Pegasus discover the ruins of an ancient civilization. As he ventured deep within the tombs of the lost pharaoh, he depictions of ponies battling each other with powerful monsters. After seeing many the depictions, he decide to creature a game in which modern day ponies could battle each other just as the ponies of old. He called the game “Duel Monsters.”

It wasn't long before he creation became popular among ponies. Soon, Maximilian spent countless bits into making a portal version of the Duel Arena, so the ponies could duel any and everywhere. He called his creation Duel Discs. Before long, it was decided to hold a tournament once year to determine who would earn the title of “King/Queen of Games”.

This year's tournament will be different as an ancient force lurks in the shadows that will threaten all of Equestria. What will happen when a young stallion named Star Driver and his friends discover that there's more at stake in this tournament than deciding who is the best duelists in Equestria?

While most of the Decks will contain actual Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from the original series, GX, and 5D's, Zexal, the majority of the OC's Deck will contain original cards I've created.

Many thanks to goldenrise365247 for being my co-author, Utopianking and the beat brony for being my proof-readers and my editor The Notebook :pinkiehappy::yay:

Chapters (31)
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