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A group for those living in/from the Brony-Haven that is Arizona.

Feel free to shamelessly promote your own stories here, by the way.

Also, as of when I'm writing this (July 24, 2012), we currently lead Michigan by one as the group representing a U.S. state with the MOST MEMBERS ON FIMFICTION! Let's build our lead!

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Hello im a college student at ASU Poly. o3o

GO Glendale.

Wow, I'm glad to see that people are still joining this, haha! Good to see something I've started on this site hasn't died yet!

I'm really ecstatic that this group hasn't totally crashed-and-burned as I originally though it would! At some point, though, I'm gonna have to do another count to see if we're still first in State-Group membership

Comment posted by Horsemumbler deleted May 25th, 2013

Go Chandler!!!

Sup people? From Thomas and let me tell ya, I can't stand the summer heat!

But it's always funny to see a tourist complain about the heat.:rainbowlaugh:

On a side note...

Didn't expect to find a group like this!


Twas' beautiful! I couldn't stop looking! Good thing I had solar glasses.

Solar Eclipse, ftw :pinkiesmile:
I didn't know you could see them anywhere besides Asia and California :moustache:

You might want to take a look at my reply to his comment. =p

Also, IIRC, our two newest members makes us the largest state-group-thing on all of FIMFiction!

Hello fellow Arizonans :pinkiehappy:
Greetings from Satan's Oven... um... I mean Tucson :rainbowlaugh:
Love this state! I must agree with Edgar on the shameless promoting thing, however. Hope everyone enjoys it!

OHAI. /joined

Reppin' 'tukee all up in here.

(in case you don't know, that means I live in Ahwatukee. 48th & Knox. Lemme know if you're nearby)

Ohai there. :pinkiesmile:

My God, Ikr? And it's still winter until the 21st!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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