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Lies Are Like Saturated Fats: Apparently I'm Full of Them. · 5:55am Sep 27th, 2013

Hey, remember that one time I said something along the lines of "Oi! The next chapter will just sorta pop out in a week or so!"? Remember? Yeah, well, that was going to happen, but then there were things. I will not elaborate on the things, but they were definitely were there, and they kept me from doing what I should have been doing: producing pony literature.

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  • My Little Serial Killer: Murder is Magic Dear Daymos' descent into different shades of grey and the ponies in his life. by TheGentlemanCreeper 61,484 words · 6,316 views · 489 likes · 32 dislikes
  • The Smuggler and the Princess What should have been a routine cargo job quickly escalates into a race to survive. Join Rarity and the freelancer Simon Ortell as they run for their lives from bounty hunters, hired guns and other dangers of the galactic underworld. by DocDelray 70,972 words · 2,705 views · 202 likes · 11 dislikes
  • Whooves, Doctor of Psychology Doctor Whooves is assigned to Ponyville to assess the mental health of the Mane 6. by nowego 89,945 words · 6,887 views · 516 likes · 13 dislikes
  • A world with no giants Chose! Live forever ignorant, or die and see eternity. Angelo Gordon may never see the completion of his lifework, this realization causes him to jump into the still unfinished portal-project, only to awake in a world far beyond his comprehension. by TheSexyMenhir 29,654 words · 3,036 views · 188 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Jericho If you came to hear a story, I'm sorry to disappoint. I suspect this'll just end up as one big confession, really. Still, with enough wit, some Prussian ingenuity, a droll sense of humor, and wanton murder, I might just be able to survive. by Crushric 545,769 words · 11,402 views · 793 likes · 65 dislikes

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why did you leave me

1740042 I'm alive. Worry not. Just busy to the point of neglect.

Hey, uh, Indifference? You okay there, buddy? :unsuresweetie: Haven't seen hide nor hair of you for a while. Forgive me if it's not my place to be concerned, but I'm at bit worried.

Hey yo, pally, youse still writing or somethin's?

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