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What the blinking crikey was that?!

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Least I could do, It was a most satisfying read. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter, mate. It's nice to be reading a story with a skilled, strong, and above-average sized human in Equestria, who also doesn't happen to be a Halo Spartan.
To the success of a fun story!

Hey, thanks for faving "Your Human and You: A Man of Iron"! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :raritywink:

*poke* Well we know that you are not dead since you were on 5 hours ago. So just busy with life I take it?

Holla holla get dolla.

Nope, not quite dead... yet. Apologies for the surprise absence. I should be in a place where I can access Skype and chat more comfortably within some small number of days. Figured I'd just report in now that I have the chance. However, you should expect some more time before next communication. Not everything is clear with me just yet.
Thanks for wondering, mate. Cheerio.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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