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Beware, I live... · 6:14am September 27th

So some have asked for an update on when the next chapter of OtEaTtW is coming out and whether or not I'm still working on it.

first things first.
I am still working on it.
Yes, really, but there has been a huge gap between work sessions.
The reasons(read excuses) for the delay I'm back in school and it's really intense. I also fell out the mlp fandom for a while and am not up to date with a lot of episodes.

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aaannnnnnnd,,,,,,,,dead page.



I appreciate the support, I just might actually get some writing done soon. Christmas break might actually afford some time to be creative.

Indeed brethren. Mine sword and soul is to thy duties and loyalties as well.

Us brothers must band together to help support him and his writing!!

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