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A group dedicated to HiE stories and PoE stories, so if your looking for a story about the USA being teleported to Equestria, or a post-apocalyptic war story between humans and ponies, or just a good human and pony love story, then you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you’ll enjoy the stories that all these great authors have written!
And invite your friends!

Enjoy the stories, and maybe yours is here too?

Rules (more may be added as needed):

1. No trolling.

2. You are free to express your opinion on topics through your story, so long as it does not target someone specifically.

3. Your story must have or have had a human in Equestria or a pony on Earth, so long as the human/ pony was there at one point or is there currently then it’s fine. (Transformation stories are also included)

4. Please tag your story accurately and only sort it into the according sub-folders (Don’t just put it in every sub-folder).
5. Hate speech is not cool, don’t flood someone’s comments or PM’s with hate.

6. Enjoy your stay, and invite as many people as you want to join or submit their stories no matter the amount of experience.

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