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We here in the Library of Humanity are dedicated to HiE's. That is: Human in Equestria stories. Any story tagged 'Human' is welcome. We will review related works and attempt to find 'the best' Human story on Fimfiction.

Stories must have a human tag. To enter in the top rankings, (i.e. 'The Best'): it must be grammatically correct, (this counts spelling errors in the whole), have a cohesive storyline and word usage in the story must not be awkward.

New Folders will be added later as recommended.

...Do not add stories to multiple folders. One tag per story will suffice.

edit:edit:edit: We have a voting tab for communication, notices, and suggestions to better the group. Please contact the administration through either a P.M. or through the forums if necessary.
Crossovers go into the crossover tag. Not into 'Action' or 'Tranformation'.

Edit: Any further events of a user adding a story to multiple folders will result in instant banning.

We greatly appreciate these groups and hope they continue existing into the future.

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(comment deleted by the scp foundation (redacted) (data expunged))

Comment posted by Thunder--Clash deleted Feb 19th, 2016

407345 Because this is not a forum, it's not as easily monitored or tracked as the forums we do have up, and the comments belonged in the forums that have been set up and not on the front page.

Boy there are a lot of deleted comments I wonder why?:rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Admiral_Gravleos deleted Feb 1st, 2016
Comment posted by Kuyashii deleted Oct 16th, 2015
Comment posted by MidnightLunaRunner deleted Aug 21st, 2015
Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Jan 1st, 2016

Hmm, HiE stories?
I do have a few of these, I just need to figure what folder they should go into.
Maybe there could be a folder where you place the once you can't be sure of, for others to help out?
Although I can see people being lazy, hoping for someone else to do their job?

Then I could see a folder for Adopted humans into Equestria as well.

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Jan 1st, 2016
Comment posted by Scarheart deleted Jan 1st, 2016

Huh? Didn't know my story was here :rainbowhuh:

Thanks anyways to the person who did so! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Jan 1st, 2016
Comment posted by LordCaledus deleted Jan 1st, 2016
Comment posted by Bliss Authority deleted Jan 1st, 2016

363829 Jah. Submit to 'Humanized'.


I have a Human-tagged story. Problem is, it's a remix of Equestria Girls, and is more Twilight - as - human and meeting the others then it is "human in Equestria."

Submit here Y/N?

Comment posted by IkioStar deleted Jan 1st, 2016
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