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Today was a shaping up to be a bad day, Apple Bloom had been running for her life in the Everfree forest. Now she didn't even know if she was even in the same forest anymore. She had never before seen trees so tall, and never before had she met something so strange.

Something ancient.
Something overflowing with old and powerful magic.
Something green.

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Wow just wow that was moving and amazing to read im only sad it was only on chapter.

This was really cool, the mystery is the best part to me. Has a really unique feeling to it that I enjoy.

Something ancient.
Something overflowing with old and powerful magic.
Something green.

So this is a Swamp Thing crossover, then?

Great atmosphere in this piece; well done.


She spat out with caustic sarcasm.

'Caustic' sounds too extreme here, in my opinion.

I see potential for a larger story here.

Nice and sweet. If I have any criticism it would just be little things like ' needing to be added for things like this "Only met em once, 'em. Also, it's Apple Bloom :applecry: But, fun story!

Man, one can just feel the green mana suffusing the entire scene.

Haven't read this yet, but right off the bat that cover art is amazing.

how dose this not have more likes

This feels like it could be a really good fantasy novel.

Can't wait for more.

what an incredibly intriguing first chapter. Top job my dude, please do go on.

This was an old fic that I wrote back in the day. I liked the concept of humans being something akin to ancient spirits hidden away from the world. Old, powerful, and mysterious, usually doing things of their own accord for their own reasons.

Agreed. I'm a fan of this too, and there's not enough stories like it.

We are the Fey now. Though hopefully nowhere as assholish as some depictions make the actual fey out to be...

Hello Swamp Thing!

Holy Cow!!! I loved it, could you write about the same thing but in pre-equestria and with the princesses ... and if you can, with several chapters?
I really liked it, the idea that humans are ancient spirits is also very good, so I thought, what would it be like if the fillies Celestia and Luna got lost in the forest and found a new friend, old, wise and powerful, I mean, in what I would be the perfect teacher of life for both of us hahaha

reminds me of a fic i read long ago on fanfic.net, where a human came to equestria in ancient past called michal Everfree and eventually grew tired of pony tribalism created everfree as place he could be left alone and lived in the center and timber wolf and such where to keep ponies away from him, he gave up all creature comfort and lived one with nature, became almost a avatar of nature like discord with chaos, this give of the same vibe really interested to see more

I see someone has been playing a druid in DnD.

Very amazing and fluid descriptions!

we need more chapter :D!

I really like stuff involving the fae that make them feel fae.

D48 #22 · Mar 28th, 2021 · · ·

This was very well done, although I'm going to push back on the people asking for more. Another chapter with Granny Smith's story or the princesses would just retread the same ground and could only detract from the mystical nature of this character by making him seem more mundane.

I agree, changed it slightly
The hope, way back when I was first writing this, was to inspire others to write similar stories. Who knows, maybe it will work.
Added the apostrophe. Thanks for the pointer.
thanks, I stole it myself.

I see a lot of people clamoring for more, sadly this is where I plan on ending it. If you want to write something of your own, feel free to go for it! My only suggestion in that regard would be this:

Never write the story from the perspective of the human.

If we (the audience) never see their true motives, only what they do, it makes them that much more unknowable. They can also be as chatty or as quiet as you want, silence is just more mysterious in my opinion. Also, single word responses or short sentences, and properly utilizing silence are good ways to convey a sense of power.

After all, a villain who monologues about why the evil thing they are about to do is totally justified when they do it conveys that a certain level they feel the need to justify their actions, either to others or themselves. Actions speak louder than words, and characterization conveyed to the audience by action packs more punch. Especially if they don't seem compelled to give the hero's their full attention. For example:

*Big Bad burning down an orphanage*

*Hero's arrive*
Good Guy: "Stop right there villainous scum."

*BB turns, looks, turns back and continues torching the building.*

GG: "Hey! I said stop."

BB looks back again
BB: "No."

GG: "If that's the case, I will stop you myself, even if it kills me."

BB: "Then perish."

And that is some basic means of establishing characteraiztion. What was I talking about?

Would you mind if i make a story based on it?

I wrote this story for the express purpose of inspiring others to write stories like it. Yes, yes you may write your own. And so may anyone else who feels the inclination.

though whether or not you take my advice fron here:

Is completely up to you.


I got about halfway through this, then put it down and wrote about 300 words in a notebook of x pony meets a Druid Before I ran out of steam and came back to the fic.

This is quite the cute and well written story

Fair enough, this does work as a standalone too. Jolly good read.

It was the alien plant monster from that one Tom Baker Doctor Who episode! :pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by Redwolf777sg deleted Mar 28th, 2021

got a link to that story? sounds like a good read.

sadly the author removed it years ago

rare to find such a gem

Rare to find a story like this loved it the momunt I started to read

This was very nice and heartwarming.

This gave a very 'nice-fae' feel.
Good work.

This is truly an awesome story. I played the music with it, and I felt at peace with the creature. It was as if I was a part of the story. Truly an immersive piece.

The lake scene reminds me of the Forest spirits lake from Princess Mononoke.

Glad it worked, that was the intent. Glad you liked it.
It's what I based it on, that movie has some astoundingly beautiful depictions of nature. Good catch.

Good bit this, very nice. Have some more music.

It looked at her, tilting its head slightly as it took in her admittedly ragged appearance before taking slow calm steps towards the little filly. Despite the calmness instilled in its movements, Applebloom backed away from the advancing figure. As she began to panic it stepped onto the land, and what happened caused the filly to freeze. Not in fear, but in awe. Wherever its feet fell, plants exploded into life. Vines, reeds, flowers of all kinds crowded the creature's footsteps, each leaving behind a patch of newly sprouted greenery.

Hmm, now where have I heard this before.... Ah right.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story, you did an excellent job here.

Not a single dislike and ranked number one for the whole site, when it comes to like/dislike ratio as of now.

You deserve this dude. Congrats.

Life lesson: Don’t ever tell the trolls they forgot to troll.

Edit: no it wasn’t me.

You remember the name?

This story makes me want to write.

Beautiful story, i especially like how you portrayed the human.
I'd love to see a sequel, maybe Applebloom decides to go back to the forest carrying some gift to give her new friend as a thank you, or maybe she finds that Celestia herself has a golden laurel as well, given to her when she was a filly, indicating that the human was an ancient creature of legend long before Celestia and Luna were even born.

You can probably find it even if it was removed.

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