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This story is a sequel to Hollow Shades

During the Hearths Warming season, a time when ponies come together to celebrate the memory of when the three tribes came together in friendship and harmony, Princess Luna realizes that there is yet one individual who does not have that luxury, and sets out to correct it.

Short follow up story to Hollow Shades
Featured on 12/27/16
Thank you all so much!

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yay more Angela thank you Dilos1

7821416 You are very welcome. I hope that you enjoyed reading it.:twilightsmile:

The Christmas spirit is still strong, have another like and favorite ya bastard :twilightsmile:

Heh, this is a nice little thing, and a quiet little moment.


The only difference that she really noticed when Winter came around was how the color of her leathery skin had shifted from her normal dark grey to a slightly lighter shade

Wendigo or Albino skin?

7821840 Wendigo. Seemed fitting.

Yay more Angela.
*Raises hand*
I have a question.
Can you make holiday short stories about Angela when those holidays come around...Please?

7821471 Aww, that's so sweet of you!:pinkiehappy:

7821539 Glad I accomplished what I set out to do.

7821747 No no no, it's yay.

7822062 I honestly don't know. This was created due a very sudden spur of the moment sort of inspiration that suddenly hit me as I was sitting on the. . . well, that's not important right now. Anyway I can't make any promises that there will be a holiday themed short for every occasion with Angela, as I don't think that I can reliably make them work as well as this one. I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to have Angela hopped up on love poison, or perhaps even the Want It Need It spell?
It's not a pretty thought.

If you can manage this for Christmas can't wait for Halloween :pinkiecrazy:

Platonic, you say?

This freshly built ship doesn't seem to agree.



lovely, will we see more anytime soon if i may ask?

So damn cute :3
Well... at least in my opinion

I swear it's purely platonic.

Too bad, the ship has sailed.

7822207 Yeah i can only imagine Angela tearing her way through Ponyville stuck on the wantitneedit spell.

Who the frick is Angela?... From what I could tell, she is a carnivore who is sentient enough to understand and write Equestria's equivalent of English.

7822905 Angela looks like this assets.vg247.com/current//2014/12/evolve-wraith-5.jpg
She was a human, before she was turned into The Wraith.

7822658 Can you say Voodoo Wraith?

7822663 Darn it!

7822702 If you are talking about holiday themed shorts like this one, that is unlikely since, as I said before in a previous comment, I doubt my ability to write up another one that does not feel forced or contrived. Regarding another feature length story like Hollow Shades, I am still trying to hammer out the details and what not, but progress is being made. Still going to be a while unfortunately.

7822706 Truly, the bond between a pony princess and her sixty foot monstrous super predator friend is something special.

7822728 DARN IT!

7822905 Like 7822923 said, Angela is a character that I created in my previous story, Hollow Shades. There's a link to it in the description if you are interested.

Eeeh, I ship it.
Just because it's hilarious to imagine Rarity designing a wedding dress for Angela (or any dress for that matter) , or to imagine every nobles reaction to their new princess-consort. :rainbowlaugh:
That, and it would be... Interesting, to say the least :trollestia:
(and then I am completely swept away because Rarity manages to make a dress that work on a wraith and makes Angela look classy as hell..)

7822980 And up from behind the statue of Nightmare Moon just as everyones favorite zebra finishs her tale came a drooling monster, causing said zebra to pull a Fluttershy make a sound of a bleating sheep and faints and sending the gathered foals and adults in all directions.
Luna: Just had to make my job harder didn't ya?
Angela: Laughs all that much harder

I have a feeling these two are gonna get closer (relationship wise) every time they see each other....then again it's just a feeling

Aye, and though the winds be calm for the moment, cap'n, I feel it in me bones that the AngeLuna be reaching full speed afore winter's kiss is upon us a second time!

MOON ANGLE HAS SET SAIL! :pinkiehappy:

Luna sighed, shaking her head from side to side. "Believe you me Celestia, I would prefer that our initial meeting did not go as it had. But still, that is not what I meant," she said. Looking up at Celestia she explained, "I know from my previous visits that she is doing well in terms of her health, but I am just unable to shake the thought that I need to be with her right now."

I do not think that works.

I swear it's purely platonic.

*ship horn in the background*

I approve of the warm fuzzies.

In regards to the shipping, I would much prefer to see them as BFFs. For the sequel I would like to see some interaction between Angela and the Mane 6, probably in Castle Mania. I also want to see Angela go all Batman on the changelings when they kidnap the princesses... "WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!!!"

Very heart warming.

only one response is appropriate...

I love this, I truly do, I kinda wanna see Luna helping Angela spruce up the place in the castle, maybe a bed or a giant cushion, a decorative lamp, maybe even some pelts to warm up the atmosphere

I can't wait for more

i cry'd for reals:fluttercry:

7823035 Of course, she could always go simple.
That is of course provided I do choose to go down that path.

7823634 Actually it is. It's basically a more emphatic version of saying "believe me", and was used multiple times in literature, like Shakespeare's works.

And bid her, mark you me, on Wednesday next--


Well get you gone: o' Thursday be it, then.

7823981 I swear it is!

Why thank you all!:twilightsmile:

7825971 I hope they were happy tears at least.

7822980 hey why is this drama by the way? the story did not seem very dramatic, more heartwarming than anything.(ba-bum ching)

7826240 Even the most dangerous looking creature has a soft spot. Plus, if you actually are making a sequel to the original, please make it as good, if not better.

7826671 Believe me, I am going to give it my absolute best shot.

7826665 hehehe, okay

7822980 ...If it's truly platonic *Place helmet on head while pointing several thousand cannons at ships*, just give me the words General.

I swear it's purely platonic.

Lies and slander! :P

7828259 Hold off for now commander, I want to see where this goes. But keep the canon loaded just in case.

7829070 :eeyup:Aye Aye, General.

After this teaser if the sequel doesn't end with a kiss there's gonna be a riot.

Hell, I didn't see when you posted this!

Aww, even though it is well after Christmas, this still gives me some cozy holiday feels.^^

And of course this is purley platonic. That is how it allways starts. You know, until Luna discovers a little thing called "Tentacle Porn".:pinkiecrazy:

That´s what they all react like at at first.

Then they become (morbidley) curious and then things snowball from there.*cattish smirk*


Cider Season!
I wonder how much hard cider it would take for Angela to get a little tipsy?
And here RD thought Pinkie Pie was drinking all the cider before she could get any, ha! :rainbowhuh:

The Everfree is a pretty big place but there's still a chance Angela and Zecora could cross paths. I'm picturing a Zen-like moment of silence between the two as they spot each other from a distance, maybe even a nod of acknowledgment.

Is it safe to assume the "small" hydra in Froggy Bottom bog is now, er, missing?

It's a pity the princess couldn't get books to Angela. Very large and simple books to start with anyway.

p.s. I guess shipping Angela with Steven Magnet is right out, eh? :rainbowlaugh:

It interesting to see Angela to meet the main six. I love your stories by the way

7874462 But wouldn't the Kraken be more suited for that?

7876595 I don't know if I'll ever have Angela and the Mane Six be formally introduced in the near future, and I'm pretty sure Angela would prefer to stay as far in the heart of the Everfree as possible to avoid encounters and misunderstandings with the locals. I'm not sure how far into the forest the old castle is, but I think it's safe to assume that one cannot simply just go for a leisurely stroll there. I do like the idea of her and Zecora meeting however.
Also I remember from that one episode in season four that there were a lot of well preserved books in the castle library, so it's not like Angela is lacking in reading material. Of course, that requires her to first learn how to read Equestrian, which she is making progress on thanks to Luna.
About the hydra, large predators in nature tend to avoid each other as much they can to lessen the risk of injury, so I think for the moment it's safe from Angela's appetite.
Also, Steven would be bit too. . . posh I think I want to say, for Angela's tastes.

7876718 Why thank you very much!:twilightsmile:I will definitely try to live up to the standard I have created for myself.

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