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Astrid never expected any of this to happen, nor did she ever want it to happen, especially not to her. Lost in a world that is not her own, trapped in the body of a creature that is not her own, Astrid wants nothing more than to go home.

However, going home may not be an option.

Edited by the fantastic Babroniedadand ShimmerLeaf!

A Displaced Story featuring Legend of Zelda
Conflicting tags: Adventure/Slice of Life
Tags may be added or even changed as the story progresses
Currently not accepting crossovers

Featured on 5/12/17, the very first day! Thanks!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 437 )

Well, this is a pleasant surprise, haven't seen anyone use Midna as their Displaced.
This story is very nicely written, chapter two tugged at my heart strings.

Interesting... Very interesting. And also got some nice feels already while reading this.
Keep up the good job :derpytongue2::moustache:

Thank you very much for the kind words.:twilightsmile:

Goldberry, is a very rare name. the only other gold berry that I know of is Tom Bombadils wife from the lord of the rings books. She is some kind of water nymph, if my memory serves me.

As for my opinion of the story,

OK, there is something massively wrong with this story, and I am having serious trouble tracking down what it is. First, HIE stories have to have a "How did you get there" section before the story actually begins. But as of chapter 3, it doesn't feel like the story proper, has actually started yet. even several paragraphs into chapter three, i find my interest waining. Also I noticed that you beat the word Goldberry into the ground. Your paragraphs are full of "Goldberry".

"Goldberry went into the kitchen, where Goldberry then opened the cubbord where Goldberry kept her bread. Goldberry then went to the toaster, where Goldberry inserted the toast. Goldberry then waited contentedly for her toast.

A full chapter of this grates against the nerves.

I am sorry, but I couldn't read past several paragraphs into chapter three.

Don't get me wrong, I love your writing, Your story "Hollow Shades" is in my personal Top Ten HIE stories of all time. But something is seriously off with this one.

The Monk

8158780 That's quite alright, and I accept your opinion. I don't aim to please everyone.
I see your point when you say that there does not seem to be a proper "what is that, and how did it get in my house" part, and part of the reason is that I wanted to try and portray Goldberry and her family as reasonable individuals compared to the rest of ponykind by not having them immediately condemn Astrid as a monster. Plus I wanted to try a style that was a bit slower in pace than Hollow Shades, allowing time for more character development.
Everypony else on the other hand. . .
As for the problem of using Goldberry's name too much, I definitely agree with you there, and will go back to change that.

Fun fact, Tolkein's work is actually where I got her name from.

Edit: I went back and changed out Goldberry's name as well as others where I felt it needed it. Hope that helps.

This reads like a particularly well-written R. L. Stein book.

I think I now have a new favorite fic. This is well written, with realistic characters (well, as realistic as you can get with a mlp fic) and a compelling first few chapters. I look forward to the continuation of this story.

Congratulations Astrid you have become Midna 2.0 in Equestria!

Finally! A Midna fic! JOY!!


A beautifully written piece thus far. The settings are a little flat at the moment, but the charcters and how/what they are feeling are so clear, I almost feel like I was there. I've added this to my favorites list, and am eagerly awaiting the next update. On a seperate note, Astrid left behind the fragments/fused shadows. Considering what they did to the creatures they possessed, I must ask if this was done for later plot relevence, or if it was an oversite. Regardless, looking forward to more. 9.5/10 good equine.

I'm assuming Astrid isn't wearing that helmet Midna has?

8159098 Yes, the fact that she left them behind was intentional. But rest assured, they won't be staying in the forest for much longer.:raritywink:

8159132 Correct.

8158909 Thanks. I look forward to writing them.:twilightsmile:


...so wonder what happens when she discovers her Umbrakinesis?

....you know how Midna can control her hair?
..do you think it HAS to be in the large hand shape?
or if she can make smaller shapes as well?


Oh hey look, a Midna in Equestr- ... oh. Another one of these.

what type of zelda is this it looks like twilight princess but some pictures can be decieving

I'm leery of displaced stories, but I liked Hollow Shades so I took a chance with this one and I have to say I'm enjoying this quite a bit.

Can't help but think leaving the Fused Shadows in the forest (Everfree? Some other one?) will come back to bite everyone in the ass at some point though.

8159217 One word: SOON!

Don't forget the fact that she can also teleport VERY large objects and phase through walls. Oh, and also shape shifting, can't forget that.
And yes, her hair will be addressed. You know how some people say that dogs tails have a mind of their own?

8159402 :trollestia:

8159421 Yes, it is indeed Twilight Princess.

8159424 Glad to know my reputation as a semi competent writer garnered your attention. I hope that you enjoy what's to come. And don't worry, the Fused Shadows will become a pretty big factor later on.

Hmm... Second Displaced fic I've seen on the front page this week.

8159458 Could it be that Displaced authors are actually getting better?!:pinkiegasp: One can hope.

First chapter and I'm hooked. Color me impressed!!

Beautiful work is always my dear author:moustache:. Honestly when I first read Hollow Shades I was extremely surprised at the level of quality and the amount of time you spend making it. I can safely say that it only makes me happier to see that you spent the same amount of effort and passion in this story as well.

Here's to one of the last beacons of light in what I consider to be a cesspool of Displaced fiction. May you're fate find you well traveler and remember to avoid swords:pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Hyper Matter deleted May 13th, 2017

8159511 Ah right. Almost forgot about that xP

Yep, I'm definitly liking this so far. That said, if Astrid was turned into Midna (or at least a twilight imp like her) then shouldn't the sunlight be incredibly painful/deadly for her? As far as I can remember the only reason Midna gained an immunity to sunlight was because Zelda sacrificed herself in order to save her.


I hope we are, god knows the group's reputation is in the pooper.


Mare of the Stars

8159514 I always figured that Midna was on the verge of death during that portion of the game because she was forcibly exposed to the pure divine light of the Light Spirit. Every portion of the game before that point she was merely rendered as a shadow in normal daylight. It didn't actually hurt her, otherwise she never would have been able to come out of Link's shadow to talk with him. Plus I think she has at least some control over how she appears in the light world, being the Twilight Princess and everything.
Originally I was actually going to make it so that Astrid would be harmed when she was exposed to light, but decided against it in favor of another alternative.

8159540 It's been a while since I've played but that makes sense from what I remember, though it makes me wonder what will happen when she meets Celestia. Still, shouldn't she be a shadow right now if that were the case? Is there some funky magic going on that keeps that from happening right now? Or is it just because she is inside and out of direct sunlight?

8159588 The latter. I might as well go ahead and say it, as it's not exactly going to be a big secret.

Great story.Most displaced fics are horrible and have a bad reputation due to so many amateurs trying to write about their favorite characters.

I'm glad to see one done with so great of skill,Grammar wise as well as the plot.I can't wait to read more I am truly hooked.

Huzzah for reading the comments first!

I was scrolling down to ask about how she/you would handle the Twili's "only Shadow's when in the Light" issue and saw this exchange. This and meeting Celestia should be interesting, I imagine Celestia is at the least on the level of Lanayru in "purifying holy Light" terms (since: the Sun > one out of four Light Spirits. Though if she's 4x the Light of Ol'Snakey I'm pretty sure Astrid would die instantly.), so I imagine her mere presence will be excruciating and possibly lethal.

Hopefully we'll find out more about wtf the creepy guy was/wanted and who/what her Dad is.

Those Fused Shadows... all four of them lying together in the Everfree (Whitetail Woods? Or just a random wooded area in/near Canterlot?) in (presumably) the time leading up to Luna's/NMM's return? Yep, no way those will turn up or be a major issue what-so-ever.:derpytongue2:

Oh my, this story is just... I'm loving it! Displacement fics always strike me as interesting concepts executed extremely poorly, but here you are, doing what so many have failed to do before.

I don't usually read unfinished stories, as more often than not they wind up dead, but just this once I'm gonna take the risk cause this story you have bouncing around in your head is just so damn enticing. Now, off to read the next chapter! :rainbowdetermined2:

8159884 I agree with you about Displaced stories, it's a big part of why I SERIOUSLY dislike the vast majority of them. The concept is so cool, the possibilities nearly endless, and nearly every one of them is a poorly written OP self insert fic which does pointless crossovers with other stories before dying.

As for this story possibly dying, I'm cautiously optimistic considering Dilos1 seems to have a 50% completion rate for their stories. Hollow Shades was finished (and is another really good Displaced fic) so there is a good chance that we will one day see the ending of this one.

..life of their own eh?
..wonder if it can form faces and learn how to write?
and the shadow travel would be useful for getting around town.
...wonder if you can work under a certain grey pegasus to deliver mail? teleportation should make it easier...
...same with hide and seek...
...and it seems as though the word "Semi" got put in that message... that shouldn't be there

Poor Child...I hope she'll be alright.

I've wondered When it was gonna happen. A Displaced Story featuring Midna? I'm Intrigued.

I get the horrible feeling that Celestia will already get on bad-terms with Astrid, should they meet. (Being a denizen of shadows and being anything Shadow or Dark is considered EVIL in Equestria.)

Where does this take place in the Timeline?

8159455 On the subject of her powers, I didn't do a full playthrough of the Twilight Princess and as such, don't know what powers are Midna's and which, if any are granted by the fused shadow she was wearing in game. I was wondering if someone could clear this up for me?

8160314 Spoilers.

Her powers so far with all of the fused shadows allows her to gain access to a strange form strong enough to pierce and break Ganondorf's barrier, rip apart a human and get rid of anything possessing zelda.

Now, there's also Hyrule Warriors to think about where she has a whole array of spells at her command.

8159815 Hmm, four pieces of solidified darkness created by beings of evil just laying about in the woods for anyone or anything to stumble upon?:trixieshiftright: Nah, they won't be much of an issue.

Glad that you are enjoying it so far.:twilightsmile:

8159898 And just like Hollow Shades I intend too see this one through as well. I think the lack of updates on my other stories can attributed to my own laziness lack of chapter planning. For a few of them I just kind of dived in headfirst with only a general idea of what I want to do with them. With this story, as well as Hollow Shades I actually took the time to plan everything out, get a rough draft going, write down a synopsis, all that jazz. So hopefully this story will at least have a slightly more frequent update schedule.

8159910 Is that what it really means? I was honestly just making up random words. I mean, I've heard people say say that Midna's language is sort of like a distorted Japanese spoke backwards or something like that.

8159923 Well, it won't be gaining sentience.

8159977 Unfortunately, ponies as a whole are all too eager to condemn that which is different. One need only look at Zecora to know this is true.
Also, the events of this story take place a little while before the events of Nightmare Moon's return.

8160314 Well for starters, Midna can teleport, phase through walls, shape shift, can lift extremely large objects with her magic and warp them elsewhere, can store objects in a little pocket dimension, among other things. I like to think that her more unusual abilities, like the teleporting and lifting large objects, were mostly attributed to the fact that she was wearing a Fused Shadow at the time.

8160445 Suku also means 'plz distract this overly enthusiastic horse child so I no longer have to deal with him'

It's meaning is heavily influenced by context.

The people who taught me that language also taught me taishitzu, the art of bullshittery.


Well, the majority of the powers she used were her own, the Fused Shadow just supercharged them. But for completions sake I'll try and list as many as I can.

For the Basics:

There is her self-levitation
She can hide/fuse herself into shadows
Her hair is essentially a Swole as fuck arm whenever she wants it to be

The stuff that might require learning though is:

Her teleportation (she can use portals to transport herself and others + large objects [including a hunk of rock the size of several freight cars!])
Working with Wolf!Link she can mark targets and help direct him for some sweet ninja dog flips (it is unknown how much of that is Link and how much is Minda, but it is definitely a team effort with how fast he darts around)
Can Levitate objects like a Jedi.
Edit: Also I am informed that she can cast magic missile from the darkness.

And her Shape-shifting might be the power of the Fused Shadow. Her Ultra-Swole-Hair-Octopus form was definitely from the Fused Shadow. and SexyAdult!Minda was actually her true form that she reverted back to once Ganondorf bit the dust.

If you want to see Hyrule Warriors' slightly exaggerated take on her abilities check out this vid.

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to post how much I am enjoying this. The characters are engaging and Minda is awesome and Astrid is very well written and AAAHHHH. It is just so good! Can't wait for more.

8160499 She was also able to use some sort of magic to cut WolfLinks chain in Hyrule Castle Dungeon near the beginning of the game.

8160416 8160445 Thanks to both of you for clearing up my confusion.
8160499 A big thanks to you for doing the previous thing in addition to making me laugh, your comment was hilarious.

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