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A few thousand years before, I along with my brother ruled the world we had arrived in. The two of us had anything we could ever want wealth, power, and an nation that spanned the entire world. Then it happened the lesser species rose, the griffons, the minotaurs, and most annoying of all the ponies. Soon, they came to us seeking peace and land to call their own, and my brother wished to give it to them, sparking a war between us that lasted for a thousand years, and cost the dragons so much. Eventually, he struck at my home, him and his knights. They had defeated me, and trapped me in stone, but not before I dealt my brother a fatal wound.
Now, thousands of years later, I'm free to do as I please once again, and I have no idea what to do, or if my brother even survived.

(D&D Crossover, the Main Character is Tiamat)
(Sex for possible innuendos and crude humor)

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I like this guy this is my kind of guy, I could invite him to my drinking sessions, anyway nice story you got me.

MOAR DARN IT, MOAR!:flutterrage:

9/10 not enough Princess fail

Not to worry, I'm working on the next chapter now hopefully I'll be done tonight.:pinkiehappy:

Discord just fucked up, badly.

7892134 still!!, beer, whiskey, vodka, everywhere!!!!!!!! And any other kind of alcohol drink you can get your hands on!!!!!!!!

Like it so far can't wait to see what you write next

They're going to need alot of nat. 20s to fix this one.

So what happened to discord?

Dont worry ill get back to him soon:pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh:Set-ups like with Rarity and her question are always the best when it comes to getting a good laugh.
Loved the update. waiting for more

Nice *shoot's tracking dart*
How big is Tiamat here, or doe's she just change her size if needed?

Right now she's about the size of one of the teenaga dragon's from the dragon quest episode, but she can change her size if she wants to, she also has access to all the sorcerer polymorph spells, and more so thats gonna be fun:pinkiehappy:

Ok, ty for that info. Keep it up :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

7892787 There should have been a moment of post releasing a existence threatening force thoughts where he realized how bad this can get, also with spike possibly being one of her offspring would be interesting.

What with him being raised by ponies and him most likely being afraid of himself for what he can do if anything like Tiamat, which leads to self hating and etc. Though that likely would irk Tiamat even to 'reclaim' her son to teach him the true dragon way by the 'Evil' Dragon Goddess.

Could Tiamat use Transformation or mind control spells?

Is it a tree house, or a house tree? This is the single most important question I have ever known.

If you guys want I can post the character sheet that I made for her, but she is a lvl 30 divine/sorcerer, with access to most sorcerer spells, and any ability that the five main chromatic dragon types have, or at least as they wake up.

7894484 If you want to post the character sheet then go ahead.

I was only asking if she can use those spells because I think she use them to bring one or two of the Mane six on her side so the Elements can't be used on her.

Ehhhh let's see where this goes

7894563 HEY, that rabbit stole a skull from my skull thorn. GET HIM!

7894806 Oh shit he knows! Looks like I better skedaddle! See y'all next chapter! *grabs the skull and smashes through a random window*

i dont know if he's a villian....BUT I LOVE HIM!

7895100 You'll never take me alive coppers! If you know what's good for ya you'll give up or you'll end up like those knights with the holy hand grenade! Speaking of which, fire in the hole! *counts to 3 and throws the holy hand grenade* they all died :3

My interest has been piqued. I'm running a D&D 3.5 edition where Tiamate is one of the main antagonistic gods so I think I'll take a look at how you portray her. Maybe I'll get some ideas for encounters.

Good luck, she was always one of my favorite villains to use:pinkiehappy:
Well her and the nefarious and unkillable gelatinous cube, fear it and its great and fearsome wrigglyness:pinkiecrazy:

Is this a displaced story? If so I would not mind a working on a crossover some time.

7895292 but the animator drew them back for the hunt.

7895599 well I just hope for equestrian sake that Tiamat doesn't go back to making her chromatic spawns and dragons. Last thing they need is bluespawn godslayers wandering around.

Huh... Spike got left behind... Again...
Good chapter overall.:moustache:

Well, a Princess and her prized student vanished. Luna and Cadence will have a lot of work to keep everyone calm and try to find them while the other bearers worry for Twilight, add onto it as what Discord could be doing and we have a nice filler.

Off the top of my head I don't remember which layer of the nine hell Tiamat keeps all her stuff on but hopefully the ponies arnt to put off by the surroundings. I wonder if her five consort survived.

Im goin off mostly 3.5 stuff so Dragon Eryie still exists, but theyre going somewhere else...:pinkiecrazy:

And I havnt decided who all survived yet

7909463 That's the edition I use too. You using the stats for an aspect of Tiamat or her true stats from deities and demigods?

A bit of both with some alteration as there are less gods in Equestria, so shed have more worshippers and be more powerful:pinkiehappy:

7909471 there are still cults of Tiamat in the world then? Wouldn't be surprised if there were spawn of Tiamat hiding out somewhere in their own little civilization.

He/She? seems rather friendly. It is a bit odd after reading the description with how our protagonist here killed her/his own brother over not liking the ponies to have a nation. :rainbowhuh:

7909481 Tiamat in D&D is the mother of all evil dragons. She is lawful evil and usually plots and schemes to seize any power or riches she pleases. Not really too much into killing for killings sake but since 3/5 if her head colours are generally chaotic evil she isn't averse to it. Also not sure she's operating at full capacity with only 2/5 of her personality awake. Red and Black are chaotic evil. Don't know though since this is Hypnosis story.

didn't think Twi could hold hard alcohol even if SOME hard ciders get up there in content but puffy pony was hilarious

Puffy pony power nap, activate!:pinkiecrazy:

This has perfect comedy mixed in with actual story telling, it's perfect.

What is the gender of the character? The title says God and not Goddess, so is it male? Or just gender less?

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