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Its been 1000 yer since Chrysalis has seen her mother Luna but only to find out that she has lost her memories. Chrysalis is trying to help her but also trying to figure out why Celestia left her to fen for her self something happened that night and she detriment to find out.

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I'm sorry, but your grammar and spelling is atrocious. Get an editor.

this is great X3

your grammar needs fixing but i love this, i love to read more X3

4477112 Atrocious? That was an un-needed characterization.

4477182 How so? Atrocious can be used to mean 'poor quality'.

4477194 Atrocious also can mean cruel. Whatever i can agree an editor is needed. Stick to that... Itherwise the story seems fine.

Lovely premise ^^ I look forward to more:twilightsmile:

I'm looking for an editor at the moment

Glad you enjoy the story:heart:

4478005 np X3 if i was good at grammar id be your editor but my grammar is bad X3

Ugh. I just simply cannot get past the cancer that is the grammar of this story. Get an editor in here, STAT. Better yet, get a word surgeon, because this story needs some serious help.

Celestia is a bitch... :D

"Do you wish to partake in this game with me Wish?"Luna asked with a smile
"I've love to" Wish jumped up and down in excitement

Wisp not Wish.

I been looking for an editor this pass few day's im still trying

Your knowledge of ancient greek mythology and you naming her that way makes me feel honored to be greek.

you put "Where is how Luna" instead of "who"

Thanks its all fixed now

I'm honored :heart: It took me a long time to chose her name I'm glad I got it right :twilightsmile:

4719310 If you want more changeling names i would be glad to provide. I personally love you with this.

That would be awesome :pinkiehappy: thanks

4719445 Proteus:Greek Shapeshifting god of "Elusive Sea change" sneaky, cunning e.t.c. Protean means adaptable, mutable, capable of assuming many forms.
Metis:Greek Titaness whos' name connoted magical cunning also a shapeshifter whos' name means wisdom, skill, craft. The "Royal Metis" was a quality the Atheneans used to describe someone who was wisely cunning.
Melissa:Greek mythology raised Zeus got transformed into a bee thus the name meaning "Bee" in greek.
Mirrorhoof all names i just came up with.
Abectrozeus, Cyclomatooth, names of Megacolony units in Cardfight Vanguard which is the clan of insects.
Need more? Also a changeling page named a changeling Metis like i proposed!!! http://askchrysalis.tumblr.com/post/62679985343/rariling-such-fabulous-individuality-should-be-a

Thanks :pinkiehappy: this are awesome cant wait to use them:twilightsmile:


Charsy is here for mama!

anyway thanks for the update, finaly, it was shprter than expected but worth the wait.

Sorry it took me so long to update had a ruff couple off weeks I hope to have the next chapter on Sunday.


4878311 sweet. and on the short summary for AOL you put in tell rather than in till.

Angle Bunny!:twilightblush: Otherwise, good chapter!

4583213 It....it's too late...we lost the patience...(I know, I know; horrible, horrible pun)

Hey Skyler my name is Tyler! :pinkiehappy:

Hi Tyler its nice to meet you

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