• Published 24th Jan 2017
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Tiamat, The Dragon God of Evil... and Giraffes - Hypnos

Long ago, I fought my brother and lost. I ended up trapped in stone, my armies scattered and my power drained. Now, I'm free and I think after a long nap, I need a good old fashion conquest, so I chose Equestria.

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Two Heads are better than one...

“Um, Twi what’s goin on?” Applejack asked her friend thinking she’d have some idea what to do.

The dragon that she had gotten a letter about had appeared in her home after following Pinkie Pie. Now, it just stood there arguing with a second head that had appeared out of nowhere, seemingly having forgotten about her hand her friends.

“What?! That wasn’t my fault that was Blue and you know it,” the red one said snarling at the black one.

“Oh no, don’t go blaming the others just cause their not here. I know it was you, you-”

“I have no idea, Applejack. This just all seems too impossible, I mean how could she just have a second head appear,” Twilight said, turning back to the farmer, confused that the creature didn’t even seem put off by the new head, and now they were talking about more.

“Well, I say we get em while they're not paying attention,” Rainbow Dash fumed, having been just thrown into a wall with a slight shove. But all their plans were for naught.

“And just what is that supposed to mean, don’t think I forgot what you did. Or did you forget that we share memories,” I yelled at my other head, releasing a bit of smoke into the air as the argument grew more heated.

“Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do-” she yelled back before stopping.

Umm, excuse me.” I heard someone squeak, but couldn’t tell from where. We both looked around the room, which seemed to have shrunk a little in the middle of our yelling. The ceiling of the room rubbing against the top of my head, till I grew annoyed with it and shrunk down slightly. Some of the ponies were in the far end of the room, probably conspiring against us.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you fight,” the squeak said, this time letting me know where it came from. I looked down to see the yellow pony that had woken Black up, looking up at us concerned. A smile came to my face, which seemed to make her shiver in fear.

“Black, I think we’ve frightened the poor thing,” I said to Black making her growl at me.

“So, it’s just a pony, and don’t think I’ll just forget about this just because you want to change the subject,” she snarled at me.

“You’re such a drama queen, but I think we should deal with these before we continue our discussion,” I said, seeing them all looking to us with terror. “Now, what to do? What to do?”

“I say we eat them,” Black suggested.

“No, my appetite was ruined earlier. I think we should just burn the town and leave,” I said.

“What’s the point? They’ll just rebuild it in a week,” Black rebuffed. Neither of us noticing the ponies moving the furniture away from the door.

“Oh, I’ve got it let’s curse the-” I started to say before the door burst in, blasting the remaining furniture across the room, with the ponies in front of it. The rainbow one hitting another bookshelf.

“Twilight, I have the Elements! We need to find this…” the white pony from the garden burst through the door, before looking around, seeing the furniture and ponies strewn throughout the room, before she saw me on the far side of the room. So, I did the first thing that came to my mind.

“Hello,” I said, waving at her.

“Seriously, that’s what you say?” Black said facepalming.

“What? I thought it was funny.”

“Well, it wasn’t and you’re terrible.”

“What are you doing here, foul creature?” she spat at me, her eyes full of fury. The rest of the ponies still reeling from being blasted across the room.

“That’s a good question Red, what are we doing here?” my enigmatic second head asked me.

“Well, right now my dear Black, we are standing, while being visually accosted by a lesser horse like creature, that is most likely planning some kind of daring assault that is more than likely to fail,” I said to her smiling. “Did I miss anything?”

“What about the giant rainbow coloured laser coming right at us.”

“Hmm, yeah I guess I did miss that… Wait, what?!” we both turned our heads to see a giant rainbow coloured laser coming right at us. “Well, that’s a big ole bunch of nope. Bye,” I said using a gate spell, sending myself Io knows where.

a few minutes ago

Celestia had just broken down the door to her student’s home, after not being able to open it. After she stepped in to retrieve Twilight and her friends to seal away the dragon that had overpowered her and her sister. Now, she saw the monster in the room with the bearers, but now it had a second head both looking right at her.

“Hello,” the red one said.

“Seriously-” the two heads started argueing.

Twilight gather your friends I have the Elements, ready them so we might seal this creature away. Celestia said to her student using telepathy.

They gathered themselves, taking the Elements. The power gathered and they began the spell, the dragon arguing with itself, but it noticed the spell too late, or so she thought. As the spell cleared, all that remained where the dragon was was a strange circle floating just above the floor.

“Where did it go?” Twilight wondered.

“Who cares, it’s gone right so why worry about where it went?” Rainbow Dash said, glad that the dragon vanished.

“But, the Elements didn’t hit anything,” Twilight said worried, “How could they miss?”

“It matters not as long as everypony is alright,” Celestia said, looking around the library. The room was a mess, bookshelves toppled over.

“Where’s Spike?” Twilight muttered, looking to the portal still floating in the middle of the room. “Spike!” she screamed rushing into the gate, vanishing before anyone could stop her.

“Twilight, no!” Celestia yelled as she to rushed after her student, falling into the portal.

“Wait!” Applejack yelled as she and the rest of them rushed to the portal. As they got there the portal quickly closed before they could pass through. As they hit the ground a rumble came from a nearby pile of books, and Spike’s head popped up.

“What’s happened?”