• Published 24th Jan 2017
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Tiamat, The Dragon God of Evil... and Giraffes - Hypnos

Long ago, I fought my brother and lost. I ended up trapped in stone, my armies scattered and my power drained. Now, I'm free and I think after a long nap, I need a good old fashion conquest, so I chose Equestria.

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Paint The Town Pink

Canterlot Castle

Princess Celestia sat in her throne, nursing a headache from being thrown headfirst into a wall. While she hadn’t been badly hurt, she still felt terrible about the events earlier that day, not only had she rushed in and fought that creature but she was defeated single-handedly, literally. Now she had no idea where that thing went or what it was planning.

Before she could get to deep into her thoughts, the door to the room slammed open, and a guard rushed in.

“Princess, we’ve found it! The creature was flying away from the city, toward Ponyville,” he said, making the Princess practically leap off the throne.

“We need to warn Twilight and her friends! Ready a battalion of guards, and send them to Ponyville! Who knows what this creature will do, or what it could possibly be thinking.”

I wonder if anyone’s invented television yet?

I thought flying over the landscape, toward a town I saw in the distance. As I flew I looked down, seeing train tracks and a few dirt roads dotting the landscape, but the only creatures I saw were ponies and the occasional wild animal.

This place is so peaceful... it sucks.

Before long I had arrived at the town, all the ponies in a panic as I landed in the street.

This is more like it.

I stood there, listening to the sweet sound of panic and mayhem, when my vision was filled with pink.

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie. What’s your name? Do you like parties? I only know one dragon, and he likes parties. His name’s Spike. Did I already ask your name, oh but you haven’t told me yet. Have you?” the pink said rapidly, not even breathing. I stood there shocked for a second, before coming back to my senses.

“Umm, hi. Shouldn’t you be panicking with the rest of the pre-, I mean ponies?” I asked it, confused. It took a step back looking at the other ponies, still running around the street.

“Probably, but this is important, I mean you are the main character after all,” it said smiling at me.

“Thank you…” I said confused, but assumed it was a compliment. I looked around, the street empty except the two of us. “Well, I’m Tiamat, it’s… nice to meet you.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to introduce you to all my friends! There’s Twilight, and Rainbow, and Applejack, and Rarity, and Flutters-” she started saying at rapid-fire speed, not noticing that I wasn’t listening. Then I remembered she said something about another dragon earlier. “-are, and Granny Smith, and Steve, and-”

“Pink,” I said, interrupting her.

“That’s not my name, you forgot the EEEEE at the end,” she said. Before she went back to naming all her friends.

I hate these ponies.

“Pink,” I said again, interrupting her again. I grabbed mouth, before she could yell EEEEE again. “You said something about a dragon earlier.”

“Yeah, that’s Spike,” she said, before rambling on about every detail she could think of about him.

“Could you show me where he lives?” I asked her before she could ramble too much.

“Of course,” with a smile she took off hoping down the road, before stopping and looking back to where was still standing. “Come on, silly.”

As we walked down the street, I saw the occasional pony looking at me from their windows, and one from a trash can. Some, seeing me with another pony, gave them the courage to leave their hiding places.

Soon, we were at our destination or I thought we were because Pink had stopped. It was a funny looking house built into a tree.

Is it a tree house, or a house tree?

When she knocked on the door, a small purple dragon opened the door. He looked at her then he turned to me standing behind her. He let out a squeak, grabbed Pink and pulled her inside, before slamming the door shut.

“Well, that’s just rude,” I huffed.

I heard a commotion coming from inside, like they were moving a bunch of furniture to block the door. Then it got quiet.

Do they think I’ll just leave if they don’t make any noise. Oh, I’ve got a great idea.

I used Invisibility, before teleporting myself inside. I ended up in the far corner of the room. It was a library of sorts with the shelves built into the walls. Some of the ponies were trying to look through the window. An orange pony in a cowboy hat currently taking up the window, while fighting off a blue pegasus who was trying to look out also.

“Is it gone?” a white pony asked, looking a bit scared over to the two at the window. I smiled thinking up a perfectly evil idea.

“No, I don’t think it is,” I said as I dropped the Invisibility spell, appearing in the room. Inciting another panic.

“Go outside!” the orange one yelled, looking at the door remembering the had boarded it up and had couch pressed against it. Another pony was cowering under the couch. The blue one trying to pull the boards off the door, making me laugh a little.

“What do you want, you evil monster?” a purple pony yelled, and the others stopped and look to her then to me, waiting for a response.

“Hey! Evil is such a strong word, and I don’t really think that describes me that we- no, wait evil describes me perfectly,” I smiled at them, and the white one fainted onto the couch. “As for what I want I just wanted to meet the dragon that lived here,” looking at the small purple dragon hiding behind the purple pony.

The blue pony flew into my face, “And just what do you want with Spike, huh? You gonna make him a part of your evil empire, or something?”

“You’re in my way,” I frown pushing her out of my way a little bit too hard, causing her to crash into a bookshelf. I looked back at the little dragon, his frightened form hiding behind where the pony was, before going to where her friend landed.

“HEY, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!” I heard someone yell, suddenly I felt a little nervous. Looking around to see the pony that was hiding under the couch staring at me. “YOU SHOULDN’T JUST THROW PONIES INTO WALLS LIKE THAT, YOU COULD’VE JUST ASKED HER TO MOVE, YOU… YOU BIG MEANY!”

I heard a yawn, and an itch in my neck.

“What’s with all the yelling? I leave you alone for five minutes Red, and you start picking fights,” I heard the voice of Black say, looking over to see my black dragon head was the first to wake up. She looked around to see everyone else in the room staring at us.

“Why are you all looking at me like I just sprouted a second head?” I joked, hearing Black huff in annoyance.

"Red, you're the worst,"

Author's Note:

Well, there's the second chapter. I had most of it written when the first one got approved, but editing took a bit longer than I had hoped. So, I hope it as good as the first one was.

And I'll have the next one up in a few days.:pinkiehappy:

If anyone has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.