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I'm kinda bad at comment's, and believe in Karma.

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Happy "early" new year, and some update things. · 2:42pm Dec 29th, 2022

You read the tittle I assume, so here's some little news from my end.

Currently working on the new chapter of my sphinx story (50/50 on decision about the love-scene, thanks for comments about that), and will be trying to put more effort on chapter editing on my Serpent one so I can get that darn (mental?)block off from its continuation...:twilightangry2:

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Report J-90 · 165 views · Story: Pass of the Sphinx · #Update #story #life-stuff
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It pleases me that you intend to read Immortal Rain. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding The Pony Protection Agency to your favorites!

I hope you get the time and inspiration back in time. I love both 'Serpent of the South" and "Pass of the Sphinx", going back to reread them both often.

Thanks for the interest in Mark of the Butcher!

What this site tells you when people mark your stories to read later?

Neet hope you enjoy

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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