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I'm kinda bad at comment's, and believe in Karma.


Status update. · 7:01pm March 30th

Just decided to write an update here.

So basically i'm still working on my story, mostly the re-write of its latest chapter at the moment, thanks to some constructive comments. Its a slow process due to real-life stuff, which include inspiration running off somewhere and peeking back sporadically, and a Corona check at work causing momentary problems. Luckily the tests were negative.

So that's pretty much it. Good luck in your writings, readings, IRL-stuff and stay safe:twilightsmile:

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Happy new year! 2021 · 11:13pm Dec 31st, 2020

Pretty much exactly what it says on the title to everybeing who reads this post:twilightsmile:
For another year of stories and writing. And hopefully a better year.

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Update about story and a smol question. · 7:36pm Jul 6th, 2020

Decided to inform that the next part of my current "big story" is in the works. At the moment the first chapter is technically finished, but it is rather short, with only little over 1K words at this time... Which brings me to the smol question in the blog title; How long chapters would you like? Or should I just put them out as they come, with no special-stress on the word-count?

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Small sneak peek. · 7:30pm Jun 25th, 2020

Still working next chapter, but decided to give a small/tiny peek on some short stuff on it.

"How does it look?"

"Well your highness, both of Celestias eardrums where completely ruptured, but the healing spell and her natural regeneration should have them fixed within just a few more minutes."

"Good, because we're not done yelling at her..."

"Then I advice that you take these lozenges, if the yelling goes on for more than half an hour straight."


Tiny status update. · 6:44am Mar 17th, 2020

To get it out of the way first; yes I'm still writing the next chapter of my Serpent story, and also being still healthy, while planning on some other stuff too.
Which brings me to the reason for feeling to write this blog; I just got a little vacation-break-time from work (which is a retirement home= lots of old people present), due to the you-know-what-virus protection procedures, till the 13th of next month. Just got fresh off the phone about it too.

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Possible delays... · 7:51am Sep 19th, 2019

So yes, there might be some delays on my writings, due to laptop slowing down and having booting problems this morning, while still being slow. There might even be some hard-drive problems. Luckily my important stuff, in-works story included, is stored outside of it.
I’ll know more after work hopefully. Just letting you guys know.

Update: laptop is getting fixed a bit. With luck might get a few more years of use out of it. It was new back in 2013... We’ll see what happens.

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Possible story plans... · 8:23pm Apr 6th, 2019

So yes, I have plans of potentially writing some more stories(, which are better thought/planned than my Worms-story/"brainfart").
Only prob is the difficulty of choosing one. Currently I have three bigger stories wrestling for dominance (, to summarize without spoiling too much; two are displaced-esque with no cross-overs, and the third is past threat coming back upon ponies as a whole) and one more of a comedic one-shot on the side.

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Little status update thing. · 5:55pm Aug 3rd, 2018

Just felt like doing little update blog here, to inform that next chapter in my (currently only)story is shaping up well. Only need to finish said chapter, check it and post it. Only bigger delaying problems have been me returning back to work, and hell of a heat wave that's killing my shirt's and sometimes inspiration of moment :ajsleepy:. Also been killing plenty of wasps at work...:pinkiecrazy:

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