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This story is a sequel to Serpent of the south

It is amazing how someone in high position of power and authority can make mistakes. Whether it is lowering your guard in an official Trial, trusting justice to happen. Or using an archaic privilege to over rule the courts final ruling in front of so many beings witnessing it, all because of fears caused by some vision. Leading to a cold frozen prison to one, and a political sh*tstorm and potentially burned bridges to other, who still hopes that things will calm down in the long run...

But fate has other plans. And marilith Naja's forced hibernation has come to an early end. And with the help from a familiar face and from the native folks from the lands of the north, she will slither her way back to the south. With the intention of giving some promised payback to a certain pony sitting upon a throne with her cake filled bottom...

Edit: Whuuut? Got featured on on its first day (8.7.2020)??? Even got hot...:derpyderp2:

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Twilight and Cadence are bringing Celestia some cake for her birthday, but stumble in one of her secrets instead. And it is quite a surprise for Twilight...


Gore for the slight clone melting, just in case... You can probably guess from what the inspiration for this brain-fart came from after reading...

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Twilight and comppany are invited into a grand meeting in Canterlot with visiting delegates of an empire she has never heard of. And for some reason Celestia and Luna, among other leaders, seem to fear this nation greatly... And our purple alicorn will soon find out just what are these creatures, that all others seem to fear...

Just an funny-ish story-idea that popped up in my head so i decided to write it. And could not find suitable cover image... suggestions?...

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Getting hit by a truck usually hurt's when you're awake during it. Not for me though; I got sent somewhere else by it. Now I'm in a land of colorful ponies, as a quite big, six-armed snake-lady with six sword's. And now I have some "sun worshipping" ponies after me... Because I'm different or something. All the while i'm just trying to survive. At least I got some friend's...

I am Naja, former human now in a body of a marilith. Known as the serpent of the south.

Displaced-esque story Inspired to start by Hollow Shades written by Dilos1. Go give it a read.
Tags and rating might change as story progresses. My first story here, chosen from several other idea's with a coin flip. Story was planned before the movie, so some thing may or may not be included...

Edit; WUT? Saw this on the featured-box on 26.12.2018 for a short moment? Did not see that coming... And again on 6.4.2019?... And once again 20.5.2019...3.8.2019...

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