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Serpent of the south - J-90

There is a creature in southern land's, that is nearly as old as the nation of Equestria. Once referred as the queen of the forbidden jungle, later imprisoned in Tartarus. Now it's free to roam the land once more.

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Chapter 6 Trouble approaching, deus vult...

Chapter 6 Trouble approaching, deus vult...


"How far do you think we still need to go Sacred Blade?"

"I'm not sure, Holy Word. Almost no one back home have not even heard, that there's a village this far in south."

"Well we just have to keep on going, till we find it. It is our holy task for the Church of Two Sisters to spread the good word."

"We know Zealous Spirit!"

Three travelers exchanged words while walking along the beach side, following up on the rumors of a full blown town in south of newly forming village of Baltimare. All of them members of the Holy Order of the Church of the Two Sisters, originally known as Grand Temple of Solaris, then it was momentarily changed into Chapel of Faust after Kings death years ago, AND THEN its name was changed once again after the Queen left to parts unknown and the Chaos Spirit was imprisoned.

Most of their rules in it had barely changed, despite Queens efforts to do so. Reason was mostly due to curches higher ups wanting to keep most of their traditions intact in honor of the late King, but Faust did manage to add some more lenient rules.

Sacred Blade was an all brown pegasus stallion, with a golden sword cutie-mark, and was one of the paladins of the churches order, carrying simple sword and wearing humble plate mail, while Holy Word was a beige earth pony nun, with a open book mark, wearing a rather simple robe. And then there was Zealous Spirit, an blue unicorn friar, with a mark of rising sun with wings, in a travelers cloak.

"Just making sure now. Spirit, try NOT to do your little overblown gospel talk. It already got us in trouble with the griffins and minotaurs, and bishops had to come and apologize to both groups."

"And let Holy Word do the talking. Yes, I get it Blade. It's just that my father is a bit too thorough when teaching the rules and scriptures. And I tend to get the brunt of it all..."

"Yeah... The Archbishop Zealous Soul is a tad serious about rules and keeping them as they are. I heard he was the loudest voice resisting Queen Faust's attempt to revoke right for ponies to stone griffins on sight. Good thing she did manage to revoke it at the end..."
After that line of conversation, the trio fell quiet for a moment, until they noticed something further down the beach area. And it turned out to be an huge purple skinned horned beast, none of them had seen before, just... Sitting there, like it was waiting something.

Before any of the three could say or do anything, a humble boat appeared in their vision, making to the shore, visibly carrying a net full of fish. On board with the fish haul was a pegasus and a griffin.

The purple beast got up and began to approach the boat. The trio almost panicked with intent of trying to warn the fishers, but before they could do that, a little beige-yellowish pegasus filly appeared behind the beast's mane, waving at the boat.
"Ok... Maybe we should just go and say hello? I mean they clearly are buddies with the big fella." Holy suggested, receiving nods from others.
With that the trio approached fishers, filly and her big friend.

"Ahoy travellers! What brings you in this neck of world?!" came a greeting from the pegasus fisher, while his griffon buddy was tossing a rope to the beastie, which caught it in its jaws and pulled boat nicely to the shore. Blade could have sworn he saw the filly pat it's head, like one would do to a dog after successful trick or task.
"Greetings fisher! We are looking for a settlement that's supposed to be somewhere around here. You wouldn't happen to know about it?"

"Sure do. We live there for one." was the answer from the griffin, who was helping filly put some kind of harness on the beast, before starting to haul net full of fish on it's back.

"Sooo... This creature is friendly?..." Spirit managed to ask, while Blade kept looking at it a bit warily, since it indeed was a huge muscled horned beast. And he even noticed some barb's on it's tail.
"Yep. Fluffy here is relly, relly nice. Just don't go pulling your sword or anything on him. He does not like it." filly answered cheerily, while fluttering up little bit in order to scratch beastie behind it's ear, which it seemed to like very much.
"Could you maybe show us the way there?"

"Sure. Just follow us. We are heading there anyway."

Short travel later...

"Open the gate! We have plenty of fish and few visitors too!"

With a loud creak the big wooden, iron reinforced gate opened, revealing homey cobblestone street, with some houses on both sides, many of which where in a middle of being built or given finishing touches with some roof tiles and the like. And it was not just ponies travelling trio saw; amongst the ponies. there where more griffons, minotaurs, zebras, thestrals, hippogriffs, even several drakes, kirins and diamond dogs milling around. It was quite a... Culture shock to all three of them in a way. All these races seemingly working together... In harmony. And there where two or three more of those purplish horned beasties, clearly helping villagers in different task's.

"I see you have noticed the colorfulness of our villages populations? It sure is one heck of a crucible of different folk, ain't it?"
"Yeah... It sure is very impressive... Never have seen that type of house design, you seem to be using." Holy Word commented to the fisher pegasus, following up with a question.

"Oh that. Some kirins suggested it, and the rest of took a liking to it. They call it the 'pagoda'-style, and it sure looks nice. Sure some plan to do their choice of architecture in their homes and all that, but pagoda-style is starting to be overall the main one."

As the pegasus fisher kept talking about villages building style, the trio kept looking around, very curious, amazed and a little bit confused. How do all these races, that where supposed to be enemies of their home country, could actually work so well together with ponies? This basically went against everything they had been taught, both in the church order and in school homelands. And it only raised more confusion in all three of them.

"Sooo... What are fish for?" Spirit managed to ask in a careful tone.

"Well today is anniversary of the founding of our village. And not all of us eat just hay and cakes and the like. Some of us like a little bit of protein in their diet." fisher griffin answered. "Including our behemoth friends, like Fluffy here."

"Well, hes real name is *graaglaghaladhaegrrr*, but Fluffy is easier to say." filly tossed her two bits in the conversation.

"This place feels almost too good, on so many levels..." Blade whispered to others.

"Meaning that here might potentially be something wrong..." Spirit continued warily.

"And I think you both might be overthinking this a little bit... *sigh* Stallions..." concluded Holy,with an ample eyeroll.

With their thoughts somewhat settled between the trio, they continued on calm observation of the village... Which apparently did not even have a name yet. They did hear a certain name multiple times in conversations; Some...Being called 'Lady Naja', who apparently was the oldest inhabitant of the area, who also had been helping the village in few cases, and sounded like someone who also held a great amount of power and respect around here.
On the side they also noticed that the villages street's seemed to be quite wide. Even for the purple beasts and wagons.

These questions where put on hold, when a scent of cooked fish intruded their nostrils. With several exotic smelling spices. And it smelled tasty, which created some mental conflict on the trio, since all three would have wanted a taste. But it was against their orders rules to eat any kind of meat, despite ponies being a plant preferring omnivores.

"Hey, everyone! Lady Naja is here!" came an exited shout from one of the gates, where already was a small group gathering. And that was where the trio was heading, while trying a little a bit to stay out of sight and trying to be unnoticeable among the crowd.
And soon they saw the being, who the crowd was clearly waiting for some kind of event. An huge serpentine creature with six arms, giving a friendly wave to all gathered here. Trio also noticed several younglings on the back of its tail, who all seemed to be having fun.

"Well... This explains the street width, right?" Blade managed to whisper to others, while staring at the creature.

"Oh? What gave it away? Was it the giant snake lady, slithering right past us?" Holy commented, sounding a little nervous.

"Maybe we should leave? I mean, we did find the rumored village..." Spirit suggested carefully, clearly wanting to leave.

"... Yeah..." Was the answer. And with that the trio started to walk away, trying to look inconspicuous as possible. Maybe a little too much...

"Oh, hello there you three." came polite greeting somewhere behind them, making all three of them freeze, and turn around little stiffly. Right there in front of them was the huge serpent maiden, seemingly bowing down a little bit to be almost on their face level, with four of its arms seemingly supporting its body's humanoid part, and remaining two folded in curious expression.
For some reason Holy Word began to feel a little self-conscious after seeing serpentine creatures... Teats? Up close. She had absolutely no idea why...

"I haven't seen you around here before. Did you just arrive? Or maybe just passing by?" serpent queried with a light head tilt. This little questioning had also gotten attention of other villagers, with some of them beginning to slightly to leer at the emblems of the church in their gear.

"Oh,uuhh... Yes, we were just passing by... And are sorta in a hurry, since we... Forgot something important... Back to our earlier campsite. So we really should go get it... I-i-if it is not a problem for you? Milady?"

"No, it is not. Do you at least have enough rations for your trip?"

"Yes, we do, BYYYYEE!!"
And with that the trio took off running, and where soon out of the village and heading towards the beach. Luckily for them, no one was following them, which allowed them to catch their breath.

"Any idea what exactly that creature was Spirit???"

"No idea Blade. But I think even your sword could not help all that much. I mean its tail was big enough to be able to crush all three of us!"

"Will you two calm down a little! We did complete our mission; finding the village that is. What our superiors do with the said information, is none of our concern, unless they decide to throw us at that serpentine creature."

"... Holy Word is right. We should just head back to the north, and give our report. The trip should give you enough time to think proper wording for the report for the Archbishop Zealous Soul."

"Ugh, don't remind me... I bet my father will raise his voice at me within few words in to the report... He always has..."

Now with clearer heads, the trio started their trek back to Baltimare. With Zealous Spirit dreading the reporting moment with the Archbishop...

Back at the village...

"Well... They where strange in so many levels..." was all Naja could say about the trio of ponies, who had just left the village in a hurry.

"They where members of the Holy Order of ruling church of Equestria. Last time I heard, they are now called the Church of the Two Sisters." came answer from Shadow Petal, who looked a little worried.
"If their leadership is still anything what it was over ten years ago, we most likely have trouble coming right for us..."

"Is that so?..." marilith thought out loud, while stroking her chin with middle lefty.
"Maybe I should take this time to take a refreshing practice in physical fighting a little bit... With some materia aid added to the mix..."

After little moment of thinking, Naja suddenly clapped her hands, all six of them, together.
"So? How about we get this gathering going? And also, after about two years, we finally name our dear village?"

Equestria, Canterlot, Grand Cathedral of the Church of Two Sisters, Archbishops office...

"They where WHAT???!!!"

"They had strange beast's helping them..."

"Not that. They where living with NON-PONIES???!!! AND had absolutely no sign of our holy scriptures?? AND had a NON-PONY authority figure??? What HERESY!!!"

"Soo, what is next on the...?"

"Take these orders to available captains. I will contact the our Holy Majesties, post-haste."

"Y-yes fath... Archbishop Zealous Soul..."


Author's Note:

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