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Serpent of the south - J-90

There is a creature in southern land's, that is nearly as old as the nation of Equestria. Once referred as the queen of the forbidden jungle, later imprisoned in Tartarus. Now it's free to roam the land once more.

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Chapter 5 Meeting Beast's and Bro's.

Chapter 5 Meeting Beast's and Bro's.

Week or two had passed since Naja and the villager's finally connected and managed to communicate properly, thanks to the enchanted necklace. And with her help, the building of the village speeded up nicely; now the wooden palisade wall was reinforced with some decent stonework, and houses where all almost ready, with only few tent's left for extra storage uses. Slowly the village began to resemble olden japanese village in architecture. Not completely but in certain ways.

On the side, Hermes and many other children of the village took a liking of visiting Naja at her temple home. And pretty soon she was giving them and some adult's lessons about materia crystals and how to wield them properly and to respect them like any living being and to use them only if necessary. And luckily they understood the point after opening mind to some of the 'younger' crystals.

Temple's 'star-room' during the mentioned weeks...

"Just concentrate on calm breathing... Keep your mind open... Feel the Materias connection... Don't fight or force it, but don't submit to it completely either..." Naja calmly instructed all those present, all the kids who where at the pond and some other youngsters and adult's too, who where there to keep an eye on the kids. All of them had a 'young' perfectly round Materia crystal in front of them, giving a soft glow.
Of course serpent lady was also having a meditation alongside them, in a way showing example of it, with each hand showing some manner of meditative gesture.

Then she fell into the zen-phase, which caused little materia crystal to sprout in front of her, which ended up taking others attention.They all witnessed the 'birth' of a new materia crystal, which grew before their marilith friend, carried by root-like vine.
After the zen-phase passed, Naja looked upon the new crystal. And it was pretty small compared to the earlier ones, and on top of that; a red in color...

"Interesting... There have been only one red materia till now..." Naja thought out loud, while gently picking up the materia, about the size of an average gemstone that a pony or a griffon can wear with no problem, say in a ring or a necklace, or even some kinda big crown thingie.
Other's watched patiently as marilith reached out with her senses to the crystal. And soon she gave a slightly surprised expression, turning to look at Hermes.

"This one seems to be interested in forming a bond with you, Hermes. It tried to materialize before you, but could not condense properly. Maybe due to your current inexperience or maybe my own magical presence drowning out your's." she explained, while approaching little hippogriff, and finally offering the little red materia crystal to him.
"Relly?" was all the little hippogriff could say through his amazement, and finally daring to pick up the red gem in his little claws.

"Now, just try to open up your mind to it and try if you can form a bond with it. Hopefully it is not too scary for you... Red materia can be tricky in many ways." Naja warned lightly.
With that advice, Hermes nodded and closed his eyes in meditative concentration, while holding the red materia gem. After a moment of silence, everybeing momentarily saw something small glowing and transparent long-eared, greenish fox-like being pounce around Hermes, stopping occasionally stopping to curiously sniff him, soon disappearing from sight. What really stood out from the creature, was the bright red gemstone in its forehead.

"Interesting... Seems like someone has obviously chosen you Hermes." Naja commented, while stroking her chin thoughtfully with lowest righty.
"Treat your new companion well."

That little development got plenty of interest from other's taking the materia lessons. Of course Naja had to explain that Red materia was rarest and potentially one of THE most powerful sort, depending on the situation.
Other than Hermeses new friend, the meditation sessions went without further hiccups or anything weird, aside from weak misfires from Bolt or Fire spell, costing few of them a loss of poor valiant eyebrows.

And of course there was little bit of awkward situations here and there. Mostly from Shadow Petal, Falgo and Brass Horn. The two former bounty hunters had repeatedly apologized to Naja for earlier hunts years ago, to which Naja had answered to have forgiven but never forgotten.
She had to explain it that she had forgiven them for the hunting part of their lives, but had not forgotten it, because they could learn from it. And they decided that it would be a slightly funny...-ish conversation starter when they had a drink of some slightly alcoholic beverages afterwards. Falgo got almost so drunk, that he almost started to babble about his and Shadow Petals bedroom antics. He didn't manage say that much before Shadow knocked him out, out of embarrassment.

And Brass Horn... Well she had taken upon herself to physically confirm the...'Qualities' of marilith's bosom. And was very, VERY toward about it, when village children weren't around.

-Asset assessing attempt #4 at temple star-room.-

"Please?" Brass pleaded, while trying to look cute for some reason.

"No..." was Najas steadfast answer.


"No matter how many time you say 'please', it won't get you any closer on groping me."

"Like I said, I wouldn't do it too hard and it would be more like gentle fondling and massaging."

"That does not make me any more ok with it."

"C'mon, even just a quick touch would do" Brass insisted, while trying to reach for the bosom goal stealthily.
It went as good as one could guess, with the sharp enough eyesight of marilith, not to mention the six arms. Meaning that minotaurs sneaky hand was caught by lower and middle lefties.

"I don't take well on stealth groping either." she said somewhat threateningly, with narrowed eyes.

"...Ok." was all Brass could say before starting to leave.

"And don't even think of trying when I'm asleep! I tend to coil up randomly around some thing's!" Naja yelled a little warning after her.

-Asset assessing attempt #26 at the hot spring.-

"Brass, honey, are you sure you can't let it go?" Wild Tail asked his minotaur mate, getting just a little bit tired of her 'quest', while both where relaxing a bit.

"Maybe... But I haven't really being able to sleep well enough, even despite your best efforts." Brass answered.
"I just wish that she would not misunderstand my intentions of getting information that just feels important to me on some levels I just can't explain properly." she continued somewhat emotionally, like folks who have certain goal that might seem weird to some around them.
"I mean, I'm not asking all that much..."

"You do know I'm laying right here and can hear both of you, right?" came question from upper spring, where a certain marilith was also enjoying naturally hot water.
"And my answer is still very clear NO... No matter how you try to word your potential guilt-tripping dialogue."


-Asset assessing attempt #47 at the temple yard.-

"C'mon Naja come down here! I just want one good squeeze!"

"No!! I'm not letting you grope me for your own entertainment!"

"You can't stay in that upright position all day! Your spine might suffer!"

"It is worth it, if it keeps you away from my chest! And snakes have really strong muscle and spinal column combo!"

"What's with the yelling?! I could almost hear you two back to the village." Petal asked the duo loudly, making both Naja and Brass Horn turn at her direction.

"Nothing serious. Brass is just trying to grope me again." was marilith's answer.

"I prefer 'Asset assessment'." minotaur cow commented.

"You do know shes just going to keep trying, right? So why not get it over with? Kids are not luckily around." unicorn suggested neutrally.

After the moment of frustrated pouting, Naja finally lowered herself from the upright position to ground level, with a small thud.
"... F-fine... ONE time. No more." she said pretty serious, emphasizing it with some finger pointing at the minotaur cow, who simply nodded.
"And it will be done indoors. For I know, that YOU ARE PEEKING UP THERE!!!" Naja added, and proceeded to move inside her temple home, while spooking pegasus-thestral-griffon trio away from cloud hovering above them. And said trio was REALLY quick in leaving. Brass Horn followed behind her. Shadow Petal remained outside.

After about fifteen or maybe thirty minutes later, the 'examination' was finally over. Naja was expectedly little bit flushed afterwards, due to obvious breast fondling, which was actually pretty thorough. Brass Horn had done several different kinds of fondling, measuring, weighing and plenty of other check-up things, first being exited and near the end was more professional like.
And all the fun-bag touching caused some loud tail slamming couple of times. Somewhat comparable to leg twitching on dogs when you scratch certain spot. At least there was no weird lumps found anywhere, which was really good to know.

After that happened, Brass did end her quest-for-bosom, very satisfied with the results. Shadow thought it was just weird, and Naja kept silent about her opinions about it. And made Brass swear to stay silent too.

This little private event was soon followed by another, much more public life-style changing for the village, which still had slight naming problems at the time...

"Naja! We really need help at the village!" pegasus from village shouted, sounding honestly panicked.

"What is it?"

"Some kind of horned beast is attacking it. And it's just not giving up, no matter what we throw at it. It got at least two ballista bolts sticking in its side, and it was still going when I left to get you!"

After that news, Naja began to slithered fast as she could with her about two ton tail, out of her home and towards the village. Even thought they could defend themselves from most of the beast's of the surrounding jungle, Naja had agreed on helping them if something more serious appeared. And this sounded like that, with a loud roar emphasizing it.

Soon the owner of the roar came in to her view, near the village wall. It was a large hulking, grayish purple, canine-esque creature with two bull-like horns and flowing mane, which was also looking grayed. And it also had two more ballista bolts sticking in its body, and it seemed to completely ignore them.
Wall had taken serious damage, but was still holding its ground. Most likely villagers where enforcing it on the other side, as much as they could.

Before the beast could try and attack wall again, it received a ball of fire to it's face. All it did was to make it switch attention from wall to Naja, who had one hand raised and about three blades out, looking ready to fight.
And greyed purple beast complied with obviously rage filled roar.

Strangely beast did not attack right away, but instead it bark-roared at the treeline couple of times. Quick glance revealed that there where hiding several more, maybe a little over a dozen, of similar large beast's, these ones having more visible purple coloration, in few variations, but none of them greyed.
"So, you're a pack leader? Can't answer a challenge alone, eh?!" Naja commented aloud, with easily heard challenging tone in it, while brandishing three of her blades. And the greyed one seemed to catch on the tone, despite being more animal in intelligence.

After barking to the pack, all of which seemed to obey some kind of order of staying in the tree cover, the grey pack leader began to circle Naja menacingly, and still seemed to ignore the four ballista bolt's sticking in it's body. It most likely had a high pain tolerance or something similar.
When the circling began, Naja took more defensive stance, holding three blades at the ready and three remaining arms seemed to catch fire, preparing spell in each of them.

And finally beast lunged at her, claws and horns aiming at the upper body. Naja barely managed to toss two fireballs at it, with not much result, and using two of the blades to block claw attacks, locking both claw and blade together in shaky struggle. This left her almost open for some sweet horn gouging, but her hands, that had tossed fire balls, managed just barely grab hold of them, keeping beast's jaws at bay at the same time. At this point remaining free hand began to give attention to beast's mug by spewing flames at it. All the while the third blade equipped hand attempted to stab the beast around its neck area. With a bad aim.
Needless to say, all this physical strain made her face contort in feral like snarl. Luckily the two ton tail of hers helped in 'standing her ground'.

"Get *stab* the heck *stab* away from *stab* my friends *stabby-stab*!" was all Naja managed to shout out at the beast, while managing to land few stab's in between her sentences.
Then during next bladed stab move, greyed beast managed to dodge it, and sunk its teeth in blade carrying arm, causing bloody damage and a pain filled scream, for a very good reason. Who wouldn't scream when row of sharp teeth, made for rending flesh, bite into your arm? Unless they have seriously dulled pain receptors.

Sharp feeling of pain also cause an adrenaline rush in Naja, making her stop flame spewing on one arm and making it take aggressive claw-cesture, rushing it towards beast head, which was now angled differently due to biting move.
Very soon turned out that beast could also feel pain, when thumb, index- and middle-finger managed to sunk in its eye socket and proceeded to rip mostly intact eye-ball out, making beastie to let go of her arm. High pain tolerance or not, gouging eye out still hurt's like heck...

With the ample opening, Naja began to coil around the beast quite flexibly for her size. Soon the beast was nicely tied up in a muscular flesh rope, with thickish scales. Now instead of stabbing the beast repeatedly, Naja began to punch it's mug with her bare hands. All six of them, despite one still being seriously injured. All the while her tails strangle hold grew tighter and tighter.
"I *punch* did not *punch* get pulled out *punch* from my home world *punchy-punch* to be *punch* killed off by *punc-crunch* some lousy *punch* aged up *punch* Behemoth *punchy-punch* attacking *punch* my *punch* friend's!!!" Naja yelled angrily between her furious punches. And before the greyed beast of a behemoth could die from being strangled and crushed by mariliths coils, she managed to grab steady hold of its head, and twisted it around with a loud snap, killing it instantly.

After a moment of silence, some of the villagers cheered, sounding relieved of danger mostly passing. Even other behemoths roars sounded in a way happy. Perhaps the grey one had been bad pack leader, now being released from mariliths coils very dead.
And it was at this point that pain decided to register in one of Naja's arm, making her hiss in pain and take more detailed look on her injuries. They sure looked nasty, with bone slightly visible, but luckily bleeding was somewhat slowing. She tried to cast healing spell,but pain kept shooting from injury, breaking needed concentration. She did hear the village gate opening in the background.

"Miss Naja! Lemme help!" came out little yell approaching injured marilith. Little helper turned out to be Zica, lightly brown striped zony filly, with pony papa and zebra mama. She was also one of the materia students, even now carrying a green materia crystal in a little necklace around her neck.
Naja had barely managed to give a nod, when Zica had already grabbed hold of bloody arm, seemingly unfazed of it. Next she pressed her forehead near the injury and whispered something pleadingly. Words sounded like "Heal" and "Please".

This was soon followed by bright green glow enveloping Najas arms injury. And it began to visibly heal, with veins, muscle, sinew's and some blood beginning to move and grow back in place at accelerated phase, finishing up with mariliths bluish skin growing back. And the arm was looking good as new.
"There! All betteeeEEeeer..." Zica managed to say when she began to wobble a bit on her hooves, sounding tired and little dizzy.

"Easy now. Looks like you just casted a spell that was a bit beyond your current capacity, and it left you a bit winded for it. Just try and take it easy and practice carefully." was Naja's answer with helping to steady filly long enough for her parents to arrive, while giving little advice.

After zony filly was picked up by her parents, Naja's attention turned to the behemoth pack, that where still under the tree cover, looking at her and even the villagers warily. They did not seem too aggressive... Maybe they could be befriended?
With that thought Naja approached treeline slowly, stopping at the safe distance from the pack.
"It's alright. I don't wish to hurt any of you..." she called to the beast's with calming tone, even carefully offering one arm torwards them. Villagers looked carefully how this would go.

And after maybe a minute of patient waiting, one of the purple adult's approached marilith slowly, stopping in front of her. It was not nearly as big as the grey one but still quite large. Both of them looked each other a little, and finally the behemoth gave her hand a dog-like licking, while being careful with its horns.
"Wooow... He's adorable." came little voice next to Naja. Little beige-yellowish pegasus filly, by the name of Timid Flicker, had decided to come closer to the beast, which noticed the filly... And gave her few curious sniffs and couple of licks, causing filly to giggle and her parent to give a relieved sigh.

At this point other villagers and the rest of the behemoth pack began to approach one another, with similar methods of offering limb for sniffing and curious sniffing and few licks here and there. After a quick purple horned head count, the pack was revealed to be fourteen adult strong, and after four of them gave few barks at the treeline, number grew by four cubs, which resembled adorable purple piglets with mostly dark manes, which proceeded to sniff the villagers with childlike curiousness, with their moms keeping careful watch.
Seeing such peaceful interaction between all of them brought a smile to Naja's face, while giving a behemoth good hearted scratching around its mane, causing it to literally wag its tail a bit.
'So they are almost like an overgrown canines, with horns and one hell of a muscle build on both genders' she thought with academic way.

"Say, lady Naja?... Not to sound paranoid, ungrateful or suspicious..." Petal started carefully, while scratching one behemoth cub behind ears. "But you seemed to know the name of these... 'Behemoth's' while beating their former leader. And then there was the other thing you said during it. About the other world?"
"Ooooh, that... Well I guess I should tell you more about that. But it require some visual aids, that are at my home. But for now, lets get our new purple friends settled." was marilith's answer.

One story time with the help of visual aids later...

"Sooooo... Let me get this straight. You are, or rather where, an humanoid creature called 'human', now a marilith, who got pulled from their home-world, potentially by some kind of eldritch horror squid-thing, known as Cthulhu, who is a Great Old One, for some reason, that you have no idea..." Petal listed, sounding amazed, baffled and even confused.

"I have a small theory, that me or some others like me, are dropped in other worlds for entertainment of some greater beings, who then criticize, laugh and do other things alongside the one, who somehow dictates what happens to the victim. Like a badly written story." Naja mentioned of -handedly.

"Right, that too... And that death of King Solaris was an unfortunate side-effect of emotion driven self-defence and you not knowing the measure of your magics, which you where more or less trying to still figure out at the time. And now you just try to make a peaceful living in our world?"

"To simply sum it up; Yes."

The silence was quite deafening among everyone in the carving room in Najas temple home. After a solid two minutes, Shadow Petal and some other villagers who where also interested on marilith's story, began to murmur in understanding tone .
"Ok, sooo... Are you gonna carve some more happenings on those walls?" was unicorns answer turning into question.

"Wait... So none of you are weirded out of my 'origin story', or angry on some level for killing the King?"

"Well, me at least among many others in the village have seen some weird thing's. Aaand... The late King was a bit of a plothole towards non-ponies. Sometimes even towards non-alicorns, who don't reach their quota on things or follow his rules, according to some stories. Soo, good riddance."
That comment about the late King got many agreeing on it. Guess he really was not very well liked outside of select pony population.

With story concluded, all those present started to converse about their tales of coming south and settling here. So good socializing all around.

And so the village received some more creatures to live near it. The behemoth pack dug a shared burrow of sort from little bit away from village, as not to step villagers figurative toes. And even with their more animalistic intelligence, they helped in some digging and few hauling works around the village, eventually allowing villagers use them as mounts occasionally, which led on development of some near-saddles to make riding more comfortable for both behemoth and whoever was riding it. And of course there was the perk of keeping some of the jungles beasts away from the villages surroundings.
Timid Flicker took upon herself to learn more about behemoths, and was instrumental in building and strengthening the friendship between the village and the pack. She even earned her cutie-mark while helping the beasties. Mark resembled a roaring behemoth head from the side. She was so happy that she let out one of the most adorable 'Yay's' ever.

Around a couple of month's worth of time went by, until there was another more exiting thing happening at the village. Which came in form of two brother's...

"Honey? You smell that?"

"I think so, Petal. something from some far away land. Not sure what..."

Couples musing was interrupted by flame colored beam flying above the village, followed by alarm bell ringing repeatedly. And then magical blast broke the east gate into splinters. There stood a quite large horned centaur, with red skin, black fur and grey mane/hair and beard, alongside with lion maned, bat winged gargoyle wearing a medallion, of similar size.

"Well well, nice village you have here. Would be bad if it was blasted to smithereens..." centaur mused loudly, while eyeing buildings, gaining attention of nearly every villager.
"I am Lord Tirek! And I am here for your magic!... Or the pony one at least." centaur went on with introduction and droned on a bit, while noticing that this was not pony-only settlement, and sounding somewhat confused because of it.
"Did not expect that myself either..." gargoyle tossed his opinion to the mix, also sounding little confused.

"If you're looking for an easy haul, look elsewhere!" Petal exclaimed at the duo, with Falgo loading up a heavy crossbow, with one nicely bladed bolt. And the ex-merc's where not the only ones to arm up. There where plenty of handheld weapons, from spears to swords, from axes to frying pans... Fear the pans...
And even couple of ballista where being prepared to fire upon the duo.

"What? You really think all that is gonna somehow scare us away? The Mighty Lord Tirek and Scorpan?!" gargoyle boasted, introducing himself at the same time. Tirek also seemed equally confident. Or maybe both where way overconfident. And those words from Scorpan received sharply thrown rock right in his face, opening tiny wound in the corner of his eye, making him flinch for obvious reason.
"Go away you meanies!" came shout from little Hermes, who holding another rock in his claw, ready to throw it. He was also wearing simple necklace with a red crystal gem in it.

"Why you little...!" Tirek grunted and blasted a ray of energy towards the offending hippogriff, and potentially some of the villagers on blast radius.
But before beam could hit, Hermeses red gem necklace began to glow, making his greenish fox-like friend appear, with its forehead gem shining brightly. seemingly creating ruby hued wall of light between young hippogriff and the big duo.
The beam impacted the red light wall, momentarily spreaded along its surface at slowed phase, then it seemed to veer back towards the centaur. He barely managed to dodge it, and the beam flew all the way to the nearby coast. There it hit and blasted an small uninhabited islet to smithereens.
"What on Equis was that????" was all Scorpan could mutter. Even Tirek seemed a bit confused and amazed.
After that, green fox creature disappeared and Hermes began to feel weaker, causing him to sit down.

"That does it!!!" Tirek bellowed, sounding very angrily frustrated, starting charge even bigger beam attack between his horns, aiming at the young hippogriff.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!" came another shout, followed by loud slither like sound, and soon that was followed heavy swinging 'wooshing' sound, making both of the brothers look at it's direction slightly confused.
They both saw a large, scaled, purple colored snake tail, swinging towards them. And it got a lucky smack at both of their faces, sending them flying several meters, all the while disrupting Tireks spell, making it fade out.

After getting back, with bloodied snouts, or whatever their term for nose is, they saw the owner of the tail; a large serpent-tailed, six armed humanoid, who did not look very happy.
"What kind of being tries to blast a child?!" she said, while doing a sharpening motions with her swords, like she was preparing to cut something or someone.

"Who are you?" brothers ended up asking at the same time, while holding their bleeding faces, eyeing newcomer up and down, now being much more wary due to her being of similar size class.
"I am Naja, a marilith. And this village and all who live here are under my protection." came the serious sounding answer, while she positioned herself between the armed villager and the duo of brothers, taking an intimidating position, with swords spreaded in a wide position. "And I would like, if you leave them be, and go on your merry way..."

"Not likely, lady! Brother, together!" Scorpan shouted back, and gave Tirek a signal. this was followed by both brothers lunging towards marilith. At that moment she clinged her blades together, making them spark to life with electricity.
Before the brothers could have grappled marilith, she swung all the six blades towards them. Result was both brothers getting slammed by the flat of the blades on their chest, with plenty of lightning dancing from the points of impact. The feeling of being electrocuted got some manly screaming out of the two. Shocking was followed by another large tail swing, sending the two slightly flying short distance. They did get up relatively fast, with scorch marks on their chest.

"Get the hint, will ya! Try messing with the frigging Queen of the Forbidden Jungle, with friends supporting her, and you will leave without your manly bits!" came a very serious sounding threat from Naja, who also did 'sharpening' motion with her blades, still sparking with electricity. At the same time the villagers also brandished their weapons, and wall mounted ballistas took aim. And even few behemoths had arrived at the edge of foliage, baring their teeth at the intruders, looking ready to pounce.

This was the time when the brothers shared a look between each other... And bolted to the forest, away from the village.
After a moment of waiting, it was clear that they indeed had left and not doing a fakeout maneuver. Everybeing seemed relieved.
"Phew, that was close" was overall theme in comments and opinions among the villagers. Naja also visibly relaxed, putting out lightnings on blades.
"That was awesome! You where like 'LEAVE' and they where like 'eep'. So COOL!" came a exited comment from Hermes, who even managed to fly up a little, despite still being tired from his first time summoning.
"I rilly liked the name you yelled at them! Queen of the Forbidden Jungle. That should keep those meanies away." was another exited comment from Timid Flicker, who most likely got the behemoths to arrive.

Many of the villagers also voiced their positive opinion on the title Naja had given to herself seemingly on the fly.
"Uuh,... Thank's. But let's not overblow that name. I have no desire to be an actual queen. Just live my life, and maybe help you from time to time." Naja said, clearly trying to keep any 'worship' from developing among the populace.
"All right, well just keep it as an honorary title for you. If that is ok with you." followed Shadow Petals comment, which others seemed to like too.
"Good, good..." marilith said, visibly relieved from tittle issue being settled. "Now, lets all fix up this gate, those two broke."

Safe distance away from the village...

"Good, that serpent queen ain't following us..." Scorpan said, while catching his breath a little bit. Even Tirek was visibly winded from their quick escape.
"Seems like e should just forget that village. Would be too much trouble to try and take magic from there." was centaurs strategic sounding comment.

"Mostly because of that snake lady?"

"Yes, mostly because of her..."







"You where zoning out. Did you end up thinking lady's curves? I mean she did have some curvature, right down to that tail."

"Yes, she did indeed have some muscular curve there. Her confidence and apparent skill with a blade where truly... Well enough of that, we have task to complete."

"Yes we do. Equestria should be further to the north. Lets get going."

With that conversation over, brothers started to head northward's. Although centaur did glance back, at the direction of the village, for a short moment.
'Maybe that serpent maiden could make a potential ally? Or maybe something more? Eh, questions for later.'

The village had no further idea what became of those two... But they ended up breaking apart, with Scorpan starting to like Equestrian overall friendly-like ways, and Tirek being sent to Tartarus after his plans where revealed to Two sisters by his brother. Scorpan went back to his homelands, and Tirek was left in his prison with his thoughts, which held revenge plans on Two sisters and some memories of the serpent maiden...

With said events done, some influential individuals in Equestria, started to little by little to glance towards the southern regions...


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