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Serpent of the south - J-90

There is a creature in southern land's, that is nearly as old as the nation of Equestria. Once referred as the queen of the forbidden jungle, later imprisoned in Tartarus. Now it's free to roam the land once more.

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Chapter 14 Stories in the notes and a sleepy dream meeting.

Chapter 14 Stories in the notes and a sleepy dream meeting.

Almost a full day later...

"Thank you fo giving me a lift, lady Naja. I hope I'm not a bother."

"It's not a problem Hera. Giving a ride for someone smaller than me is rather easy feat. Are you alright? You'r eyes are still a little bit red."

"I'm fine. What about you? You barely moved from your spot near the pyre, until I came to poke you with a stick. Also I did not mean to get the little ones on it too..."

"It's alright. It was adorable in a certain way. And it takes much more, than a stick to do any actual damage to my tail."

Marilith and the white hippogriff continued down the stone-path to the temple, that was about to get it's long time occupant back... After a thousand year long forced absence. Soon they arrived to the courtyard area of the said temple, which was still standing proud and tall against the test of time.
There where even a couple of decorative pillars on the sides of the main pathway to the temple itself, most of them having a carvings of different types of snakes. Some of them even slightly shimmering in the slowly fading evening light.

"I see that the you have worked up some decorations here. Is the inside decorated too?" Naja asked, while taking in the many details of the carvings.

"Not really. Although we did take a slight liberty of continuing your wall-carving, just a little bit, with some of the more important things that happened here during your absence. And we also added an actual door to your part of the temple. For privacy reasons."

"Much appreciated Hera. Is there anything else I should be aware of? A local festival perhaps? Possible responsibilities to take up on? A regular visitor coming and going as they please?"

"Well there is one small festival coming up rather soon, maybe with a slight delay due to the funeral... And perhaps if you'd like to take up once more take part in mentoring about the intricacies of materia wielding, that can be arranged if necessary. And we have a humble stylized of you is in our flag as a reminder of all your help here. Aand there is one special kind of visitor coming here occasionally... The Snake King Dalamadur to be exact. And the word is that it even wrecked several churches in Equestria throughout the years, all of which had some seriously dirty secrets..."

"Really now? Well, good to know it has done something useful in the world. When was the last time it visited?"

"Oh, only about five years ago. It mostly just appeared above the tree-line, looked around a bit, and then just left. Its appearances have been somewhat irregular occurrence, some times appearing once a decade, or even weekly for a month. For all I know, it might even come and make a visit here tomorrow. And it has always been oddly careful during those times, as if trying not to accidentally crush the place."

"Well, we deal with that when it happens." Naja conclude, while looking at the sunset a bit. Hard to believe that nearly a full day ago, she was laying an old friend to rest...

"Well, I shall take my leave now then. Hopefully you get used to being back home. Farewell for now." Hera said, giving Naja a polite bow, before taking flight, heading back to town.

Now alone, Naja kept slithering towards her temple-house, remembering the times of of fixing it up into something more livable, followed by the moments of teaching the first class of materia wielders, avoiding Brass Horn's touchy hands, and many other moments with friends.

The entry hall was looking pretty much the same as it was before, with some added carvings on pillars with some snake and materia theme on them. What drew her attention, was the spot where the doorway to her quarters used to be. now there indeed was an actual door, made of wood and stone on hidden metal hinges. If she had to guess, it would most likely blend in with the rest of the wall, maybe for the extra privacy's sake? Neat.

After going through it and locking it behind her, while making sure her tail was not caught between wall and the door, Naja proceeded to slither to her bed chamber. And there was a familiar looking bed, made out of sturdy wood and had an actual woven blanket instead of skin of dead nandi bear on it. Plus it also looked really comfy. Some sturdy looking shelves where added in too
And on the bed where the last three of her swords, and two scrolls on top of them.

"Hello, my dearies. Mommys home." marilith whispered, while reaching for the swords, which in turn flew to her hands at a respectful pace, as if trying not to accidentally damage the scrolls. When Naja held the blades, with a small surge of energy, she actually felt complete once again.
"Now, let's see what these scrolls hold in them." she muttered after putting her sword in their pocket dimension, while proceeding to pick up seemingly smaller one of the scrolls.

"'Short tale of Umbral Wing's find'. All right, let's see what this one holds..."

Past, Umbral Wing pov, coastline near GriffonStone, around midnight...

"Travel worthy boat, some food, bag of bits, some of my personal stuff. Ok, that should be everything I need for the trip. I just hope the rumour is true about that town..." The thestral mare with black wings talked to herself, while going over her meager belongings, next to a humble, sail equipped boat.
Both the mare and the boat where still in the forest of bushes, lining up the coastline. She had lived around here, ever since her late parents had been banished by the supporters of the late King of Equestria whatshisnameagain.
Only just recently she had heard about a quickly growing town called Tanah kahijian, where everycreature lived together in peace, despite rumours also telling about Equestian princesses causing some trouble there just recently. At least it would beat living in a shack in the woods, almost a day's flight away from the nearest proper settlement.

"Ok, now to just get this boat in deeper waters, and it's onward's to a new home." she said, preparing to start pulling the boat out of the bushes. This was interrupted by the sound of feathery wings, followed by a loud thud, making her to drop low, hiding just in case.

Thanks to her natural thestral night vision, she could see a pegasus, wearing the armor of the Royal Guard, who seemed to be starting to dig a hole on the sands of the beach. On the side, there was a big bag holding something long. If she had to guess from the outline of the item, it was a huge sword of sorts.
After digging the hole, the guard managed to drag the bag and its content, seeming to be careful not to touch the item itself, like it would hurt him somehow. Perhaps the item was magical?

"There that should do it. Unless tides wash it up, those weirdos in Tanah kahijian will never find it." the guard talked to himself while burying the bagged item in the sand. "Now just to go back home and take the memory potion, so nopony will not get it out of me." he concluded while taking flight again, now leaving the area.

After waiting a few long moments, just in case the guard would return, Umbral finally dared to move. Right to the freshly filled hole in the sand and starting to dig.
It didn't take long for the bag to come in view. Umbral proceeded to pull it out of the sand, being careful not to touch the item inside, just in case it would blast her or something.

"Hmmm... The guard said something about the folk of Tanah kahijian, rather meanly. Maybe I can get a better shack, or maybe even a small cabin if she brought this thing with me." she thought.
The thestral mare then proceeded to drag the bagged item with her to the hidden boat and them started to push it towards the water. It did not take long until the boat was in deeper waters, making the mare take wing and settle on it, followed by raising the sail, which caught some lucky wind.

"Now, onwards to the new home."

One sailing trip, that felt long and boring, later...

"Finally! Land!"

After seeing land in the horizon, Umbral started to paddle to get some extra speed to her boat. And even better, the small under-construction harbor did not have any Equestrian flag on its poles. They had an image of some kind of simple image of a snake-tailed, six-armed humanoid, holding two swords, two orbs and holding a small flame with the remaining two, with its purple tail coiled around another orb.

"Heey!! Can I get little heelp??!!" she called out to the folk at the rising harbor. And soon she got some help from a griffin and another thestral, who pulled her boat to the harbor docks proper.

"Welcome to the Southpost, the sister town of Tanah kahijian miss. Where do ya come from?"

"I sailed from the shores of Griffonstone. Lived in a small shack there after my family was banished from Equestria. Aaand I brought something special with me, I think belongs here." Umbral said, while pulling the bagged item off the boat and to the dock, soon revealing it being a rather large sword.
"Saw some Royal guard member trying to bury it in the beach sands. So i decided to take it with me, since it's from here."

Other creatures where all having to pick up their jaws from the ground after seeing the sword.
"Th-...That... That is Lady Naja's blade!!" one of the creatures present called out, sounding amazed.

Sooner than she could flap her wings, Umbral was hauled before the village council, along with the sword. All of them where equally amazed about the return of the weapon of their lost friend.

"Well, you are most welcome to join our town if you like. And we all are grateful for your effort of returning one of the Lady Najas sword. Is there any particular reason for you doing it?" one of the councillors asked.

"It just didn't feel right to just leave it there. And the guard sounded kinda mean, calling you weirdos. Also I don't really like Equestria all that much, after they banished my parents and me for being thestrals."

"That sure sounds like them... Well, now you can live here if you like. We're currently expanding to the shoreline and sure could use some more help."

"... * happy-batty SKVEEEEEEEE-sound * "

Back to present...

"And with that, Umbral Wing returned one of the blades and lived a good life here afterwards." Naja concluded reading the story in the scroll.
She also noticed a little scribble on it, which said "To Lady Naja from Umbral Wing: HI! :D"

"Awww, that's nice."

After that, Naja closed the scroll and set it down on the shelve and proceeded to pick up the other scroll. And this looked a little bit newer compared to the previous one.
"'Notes of Tauron and Dust Wing from Canterlot'..."

Canterlot, few years ago...

"Ok Tauron sweetie, I'm off to work." lime green pegasus mare with dark blue mane said to a beige minotaur bull.

"Good luck in there. Let's hope that we may get an opening to get those blades out from the palace." he commented back.

"Don't worry. I'm sure we can figure out a way to do that. We where lucky I managed find out their actual locations."

"I'm still amazed you found by pure chance the one that Celestia had hidden... On a basic cleaning routine and managing to fool her by just cleaning and dusting up those relics there and then 'forgetting' about it when she asked."

"You're not the only one. I guess I was just lucky... Well, I gotta go now. And who knows, maybe today's the day we get the blades out of here. Have a good tinkering day honey!" she said while giving minotaur a small kiss on the cheek, causing some blushing, before leaving the small apartment, which was included in a humble smithy called 'Taurons tinker's'.

It did not take long for Dust Wing to fly to the Canterlot Castle, and soon switch to her maid uniform. Luckily she was not screened all that much during her job interview, thinking she was just your average equestrian pegasus, while she actually was born and raised in the independent town of Southpost, where she also met her big horned love-pillow. And Tauron was really good with his hands, both in and outside of bedroom...

"Hey, Dust! Are you gonna pick up that feather duster or just daydream?" another castle maid called out, breaking Dust out of her little daydreaming.
"Oh, right, sorry." she answered a little sheepishly, while a visiting group from the school from Ponyville passed them by in the hallway towards the castle statue garden.

'Drat, I just would need a one good opening to get the blades out of Princess Luna's room and from that hidden vault. Got even fakes ready in my supply-cart' Dust thought to herself, while doing some dusting near the night princesses quarters.

She continued doing her work, until something rather weird happened. The feather duster she was holding, suddenly took flight, flapping its feathers like wings.
"Hey! Get back here!" Dust yelled angrily, trying to reach the now flying dusting implement. After catching it and giving it few hard wacks, it finally stopped trying to fly around.
"No bucking cleaning product of any kind messes with me..."

"Brave beating you gave to that feather duster." came a voice behind her, making her jump a bit due to its suddenness. A short turn revealed Princess Luna standing there, in full battle gear.
"Chaos spirit, Discord, has gotten out from his imprisonment and is turning things in who-knows-how many ways crazy. I would advice you to maybe return home soon as you can for security. We will inform when its safe again." princess continued, before stabbing the cleaning supply cart, that was about to run away, a couple of times with her sword.

"And if you need to break some items moving on their own in the castle, don't worry about it. They will fix themselves after this is over... Probably."

After the Night Princess had left, breaking few expensive looking vases, that tried to grab her mane, on her way, leaving Dust alone with the stabbed cart.
"Phew, that was close. Would have been awkward to explain the hidden fake swords..." she whispered to herself. Then she realized that princess in her hurry had left her room door wide open. And if what the Night princess had said about things going crazy, maybe it included the magical security in the castle. And all the guards most likely where very busy right this moment.
"Well, might as well try now..."

And with that, Dust went in the royal bedchamber of the night princess. Luckily nothing blasted her, so the security spells where indeed going crazy.
"All right now to locate the Lady Naja's sword and hope what is said about them is true. Now where would I put... Oh there it is." she thought aloud, while looking around the room, rather soon noticing a large sword, hanging on the wall. Hidden in plain sight, maybe out of respect? The tales from home told that the Moon Princess was the more worthy opponent in a chronicled battle between Lady Naja and the Equestrian princesses.
"Hello you. Now to get ya out of there."

Dusty proceeded to try and wiggle the sword of its holder, with some help from few strips of leather to lift it. And it did actually came off without a hitch. Careful ot to touch the metallic blade, she managed to move it to the stabbed cart.
After checking that nopony was around, she opened a hidden compartment in the cart, revealing several fake-swords. All of them modeled after the missing originals. After putting the sword in its special section, she picked out its fake-version and hurried to put it on the wall-holder.

"Ok, now to check the vault room if the security is off there too..." she concluded, while hiding the blade compartment and proceeded to move it backwards, trying to look like her movements where going wonky. Luckily it seemed to work when a couple of guards ran past her in another hallway, chasing after some kind of liquorice worms wearing their armor, only giving a passing glance at her direction.
She even gave few other guards a 'help'- gaze, who could not help all that much, being rather extremely busy with all the other, more serious, hooplaa and craziness trying to preserve some manner of order in the castle and most likely in a city as a whole. And seeing that there was plenty of pink clouds, raining down brown liquid, maybe a chocolate milk, it was not going too well.

Finally Dust had found her way to the cleaning closet of the vault-room, which was empty... And the vault's door now had peppermint stripes on it, but the closet was still normal. Dusty did not hesitate to go down the stairs, reaching the hidden vault door, which was open for some reason.
"Seriously?? Why not just put a 'welcome' mat here too..." she said, with an accompanying eye-roll. Locating the sword was easy, due to it being on it's pedestal. After confirming she was alone, she proceeded to carry it carefully to her cart and of course left a fake one to the vault.

"Let's just hope no one notices the switch until we are back home. Should not be hard to leave the maid job after all this happened."

With both swords hidden in her cart, Dust started to head out from the castle, still doing the backward walking move, which still worked, only being delayed by few books that tried to bite her, resulting badly torn uniform
After getting in to a suitable spot to leave the cart, she removed the sword compartment, along with both found swords and the fakes, off from it and managed to leave with it without no one seeing her, still in her maid uniform. Good thing they where allowed to keep them if something damaged it badly.
Dust did not waste time heading back home to her horn head, who had locked up smithy for security.

"Tauron, open up! It's me!" she called out while checking the street. It did not take long for minotaur to open the and help her to get sword compartment inside.
"Why did you bring the compartment home?" he asked.

"I actually got the two swords out of the castle..." Dust answered with a big smile on her face. Tauron was visibly amazed of this.
"So this means, we can soon head back home?"

"Yep, and it should be easy enough to leave. With all this happening and most of the locals here not really being all that friendly, aside from a handful of kind ones. Now help me hide the blades just in case this place gets checked."
It did not take long for the duo to hide the real and fake blades in their prepared luggage.

"And now, we fluffing celebrate my horned honey... Take off your pants... NOW!"

This demand was followed by few hours worth of "celebrating" between the two of them. After the chaos had been sealed away again, Dust went to drop her resignation papers to the head of staff at the castle, who was quite understanding for the reasons, saying that she was not the only one to do that. Even their apartment was easy to sell.
Overall, they managed to leave Canterlot without any suspicion from any of the authorities. After they had returned home, receiving pretty much a heroes welcome when they showed what they got with them. And of course, they "celebrated" a lot more alone...

Back to present...

"Aaand the rest seems to be a rather explicit description of pony-minotaur copulation... Maybe I should go and thank them personally one of these days, since this one is from only few years ago." Naja concluded, while closing up the scroll, putting it to the shelve next to the previous one, followed by an ample yawn. It was most likely rather late.
Starting feel a little tired, Naja proceeded to slither on the bed, coiled up in a comfortable position and let herself to fall asleep in a familiar place...

Dream realm...

Another night, another routine checking of dreams in case of nightmares or possible issues that might need help. That was the gist of it for Princess Luna pretty much every night, who was watching over the dream realm, this time seeing dreams as many doors of many different designs.

"Now let us see what we can do this night" Luna talked to herself, while looking at the many doors. After going through several false alarms, her attention was drawn by an different looking door, seemingly made of wood and stone. She also sensed something familiar in it, something from a long time ago.
Of course her curiosity finally won, and she went to open up the said door.

Within she found a very familiar looking serpentine creature, just sleeping there on her own coils rather peacefully.
"Lady Naja... You're back I see..." Luna mumbled, sounding amazed.

After getting over the amazement-phase, she began to wonder about the whole sleeping in a dream thing. So Luna proceeded to use her magic to enter peacefully in the dream within the dream... Only find the marilith sleeping there again. So she repeated the dream entering again, only to find another layer of sleeping in a dream.
She had to repeat the process two more times, until she finally found Naja reading something in her within a couple of layers of dreaming.

"Umm... Hello, miss Naja?" Luna greeted in a careful tone, not sure what the marilith was thinking. Naja looked up from her book to see the alicorn of the night and dreams standing there.
"Oh, hello there... Luna right? It's been a while since I last saw you. In the real world at least, since I'm pretty sure this is a dream."

"Yes indeed, this is a dream... With several layers in fact..."

"Huh? I must be sleeping really well if I'm in that deep of a slumber. Does that happen often? The layered sleeping that is?"

"Barely ever. Only a few creatures actually do that. But enough of that. I see that you have gotten out from the banishment.. That my sister insisted as a plan B?... How may I ask?"

"Sure you can. And answer is pretty much magic, to put it simply. And some hiccup wih my bindings sure helped too."

"And... What are your intentions now?" Luna asked.

"Well, at the moment just return to live my life at my old home. Already received a warm welcome there too." was marilith honest answer.

"Ok, that is good to know. At least you're not planning a revenge... Right?"

"Not really. Sure, I do feel a little bit sore about the whole banishment thing, which I think was a bit overboard to do on a place, that was well outside the sphere of political influence and authority for the both of you. But if it makes you feel better, I have pretty much forgiven, but not forgotten about it. So you have no worries of me burning or otherwise trying to wreck your country. Feel free to tell that to your sister if you like."

"I think I will... Sooo what are you reading there?"

"I don't know. Guess I just dream of reading something, since I red some stuff about my blades before bed. Also I have them all again."

"How did you manage that? Me and my sister each had one, two where buried at somewhere separate places and the final two where... In our old castle..." Luna inquired, connecting the dots at the end.
"So it was you who wrecked the doorway there with fire."

"Yes indeed. It had an issue with my ample sized behind. Tried to squeeze through it, but finally I decided to just blast it with fire." Naja said, while giving her tail end a little toss up, fixing her position a bit.
"So do you have any other questions? Or are you just gonna stand there and maybe hope to see how I rub one out?" she continued with an amused smile, clearly joking. It did cause some embarrassed blushing on Luna.

"WHAT??? No! I would not do that to any-...One. How would you even... Aaaargh!!! Now I'm thinking about it!"

"Yeah, it was odd experience to me too... But enough of that. I bet you have more work tonight, while most likely remembering my good times with my old friend, who just recently passed away..." Naja commented, turning a little bit sad when mentioning her old friends passing.

"Oh... My condolences... Was your friend descendant from the original villagers?" Luna asked carefully, thinking this was visibly a sensitive subject to marilith.

"His name was Hermes, a hippogriff, and he WAS one the originals, who actually cheated death for all these years... Petrification spell can be useful when one wishes to see a seemingly ageless banished friend again, just one more time... And he lived a good life."

"I see... I better return to my work. Good luck to you. Hopefully we can meet again, maybe without having to cross-swords." Luna offered with a hopeful smile after a small silence, while slowly starting to remember the named hippogriff.

"I'd like that. And tell your sister not to do anything stupid concerning Tanah kahijian or the Southpost, OR the area around them, OR towards me without an actual, factually, fully proven good reason, with an ample physical proof to back it up. I don't know if she has already heard of my short visit on one town... Ponyville I think it was. But to put it simply she has nothing to worry about me if she behaves well enough in turn towards me."

Luna gave Naja a confirming nod and started to leave the layered dream, and kept her watch in the dream realm. While she was thinking of different ways on how to tell Celestia about this, she felt a gentle poking on her shoulder, starting to wake her up.

With an ample yawn, Luna woke up, still in her bed, and noticed Celestia standing there, holding a report-scroll in her magic.

"Sorry to wake you up an hour early sister, but I just received this report from our agent in Ponyville. Apparently a creature fitting the description of the marilith Naja, who we saw a millenia ago, was sighted there just a couple of days ago, before it just disappeared." Celestia said, sounding worried.

"Yes, I think she mentioned that visit rather shortly a moment ago..." Luna answered with a another yawn.

"We might have to... Wait, what did you say???" white alicorn suddenly asked, after registering what Luna had just said, eyebrows rising high.

"I stumbled in her dream, and we had a little chat about some things, including her intentions of not taking any revenge on Equestria. She said she has 'forgiven but not forgotten' about the thing we did millenia ago."

"Truly? Was there... Anything else she said?" Celestia inquired in a lightly hopeful tone.

"Well she asked me to tell you, and I quote, 'not to do anything stupid concerning Tanah kahijian or the Southpost, OR the area around them, OR towards her without an actual, factually, fully proven good reason, with an ample physical proof to back it up', end quote."

"Ok... Anything else you talked about?"

"She did mention an old friend of her's, a hippogriff named Hermes, who recently passed away... I think he actually was there, when we soured the relations with the locals there for generations to come."

"Yes... I think I remember the young one..." Celesia said, sounding sad, and maybe a little hurt when remembering what the hippogriff had said. While she was reminiscing, Luna got out of bed and went to her vanity mirror to fix up some serious bedmane.

"Was there something else she said to you? Anything to maybe help us to approach her in possible negotiations?" Celestia kept asking. Feeling mischievous, Luna decided to tell something indeed. And with a smile on her face too...

Jungle temple...

Naja began to wake up, stretching with a gusto, having slept very well. Feeling like having some breakfast, hopefully among the locals, she began to slither outside the temple.
When she had gotten outside in full, she could swear hearing someone screaming in the early morning wind.


"...Huh, strange..." Naja thought aloud, and just kept slithering on towards the town.

Mane6 hotel room...

The element bearers, Spike included, where sleeping soundly in their rooms. Suddenly Twilight hopped up in seconds, eyes wide open, ears twitching wildly.
"... SOMEPONY JUST TOLD CELESTIA SOMETHING SERIOUSLY MIND BOTHERING!!!" purple alicorn yelled out very loudly, causing annoyed noises from her friends.

"SHUT UP!! SOME ARE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!!!" was the answer from the next room.

Author's Note:

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