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Inquisitor Dragon

I like Warhammer 40k/fantasy, Godzilla. And to many other things (mainly reading while intoxicated) . I might "I stress the word might" make a story or a poem. But I have a severe case of laziness.

Wise advice and sayings of the Inquisitor

To be a human, a creature of Good and Evil, a creature with no true purpose that is known. Unshakable and loyal warriors or easily broken men, trustworthy friend or a snickering backstaber, United together or oppressed by each other. A great companion or the greatest pests.
We are human and no matter what never underestimate a human for one thing is certain, God May have mercy your soul, But we won't.

-Daniel Sumabat.

"On a scale of one to Yamcha, how weak do you feel,"

"Insane maybe?
Indeed I am.