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Something Old, Something New · 12:42am January 27th

This story is very much one of its time. It comes from a time in FimFiction history where unwarranted abuse and violence against the main character was common, and the response to extreme abuse from that character was always undeserved forgiveness. The fact that we as a group, thought this was normal, deeply disturbs me as both a writer and a reader. But that is who we were as a fandom back then. We expected the hero to be violated by the world and we expected the hero to forgive the abuse,

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To the author - Hi my name is musoperatica. i saw your comment on A wraith in winter by Unknown error (i have no interest in the story nor into that show called game of thrones) then clicked on your username & glanced through blogs.
if you want originality come to me don't have any stories to post but i will soon once the holidays are out of the way

p.s: this happened on the 17th of December, 2022:twilightsmile:

this message was written out on 12/21/22

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Oh my god. That is the most epic and righteous dress down of the displaced genre I have ever read.

That is awesome XD. You've earned a follower simply for that.

Oh another thing is that they ALWAYS end up in everfree forest and save the CMCs & yet get attacked by the Main 6 just being different or where they end up being stoned by the tyrants & still sane after 1000 years yet they still forgive them like it was nothing. Like WTF?! I get it if they actively seeking to harm the ponies but just for not looking like a pony makes no sense what so ever. Then they have big ol chase which causes the MC to end up saving the people hunting him which leads to "I aM SorRy fOr iMpRiSoNIng yOu cAn we bE frIeNdS?" They send the MC to Ponyville for the same generic shit ever on almost all the HiE fics. Q & A's, suspicion, proving his worth, becoming a pawn in the fatass cake gobblers plan, getting an harem, & fine with the lunar tyrant going inside their head like a damn library. Then their are the 'bad guys' of the show, the natives of other countries despite the state their country is in compared to Equestria to still labeled the bad guy.

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