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Comment posted by rikithemonk deleted Oct 11th, 2019
EInto the Forest
A young pony child gets lost in a forest. Frightened and alone, she begins crying, only for a strange being to find her.
-TheStoryteller- · 2.4k words · 168 views

Thank you for Favoriting my Sad Romance.

Well, your story is worth it. The english isn't perfect, but its well thought out, the pacing is good and there is a good balance of seriousness and humor.

Plus those two chapters I commented on were hysterical. I haven't laughed like that in a very long time.

"Were you going to throw that brick at the window!?" She asked, sounding annoyed.

"I couldn't find a small enough rock to throw." I said.

Now thats comedy. 😎

The Monk
“Puberty was a curse for those inflicted with it, and boundless amusement for others who survived the process.” -Scarheart

Thanks for the fave, I really appreciate it.

And thanks for commenting as well, its not very often someone does so as often like you did, it pretty much what keeps me going man.


  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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