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Secrets and Lies

I contribute to the abomination machine that is My Little Pony fan fiction.


New Story Coming Soon... · 7:46pm September 14th


I'm sort of kind of working on something new.

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Bio or something

Hi, I'm Secrets and Lies! I'm 23 28 years old, live in Florida, and I do, in fact, enjoy long walks on the beach. I hope you enjoy my stories and little blog rants I post every few months whenever I want to these days.

Since 2015, I've fallen off the bandwagon of MLP, which has made me come to an abrupt halt in my fanfic writings. I'm sorry for not finishing what I started, I hope someday to make it up to you all. I don't know if I'll finish things up in regards to the Eternity series, but I would like to believe I will. In the mean time, enjoy my gift I give to you, fellow bronies.

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And if you ever get to those chapters I can proof-read if you need me to, because I got time now. Although it has been a good fifteen weeks, so I guess we shall see what will come my way.

1324685 Well howdy to you too friend! :pinkiesmile:


Just thought I'd say hello :pinkiesmile:

You weft me a Pinkie! I would give you one too but every link I use gets messed up so fucit! I'll just use the power of friendship, and emotes, to summon her. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGG! :pinkiehappy:

1274648 Case Closed (along with FMA is my favorite anime). But as people seem to not know and don't really bother to ask (you are the happy first:pinkiehappy:) I am presently gunna reinvent this profile:rainbowdetermined2:

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