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Secrets and Lies

I contribute to the abomination machine that is My Little Pony fan fiction.


This is the second installment to the Eternity Series:

Son of EternityYou Are HereSavior of Eternity

NOTICE: Some chapter break and other images aren't working the way they should be. Here is the reason why. So sorry in advance.


The epic of Pinkie Pie and the Immortal Man who's fate is tied to Equestria's. His life will be filled with dangers, choices, secrets, love, and most importantly, beauty. As time flows, the world begins to understand the immortal, and the immortal begins to understand his true purpose in the universe.

As disorder descends within Equestria and in the immortal, he must fight for the survival of himself and for the ones he loves. He must venture out and discover the truth in the oldest and most sacred realm in all of Equestria. Meanwhile, an ancient deception comes into effect and Equestria must fight to survive. Will time take hold of what once was lost to it? Begin your adventure below.

Two side notes: This story is based off of pre-season 3 knowledge. Any future information that may warp this story does not necessarily effect it on pre-season judgment. Second is that this fan fiction is based off of the Where the World Ends Map.

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 301 )


Yeah!!! it goes on ^^

Pinkie Pie bonding moment.....HHHNNNNGGGHHHH *diabetus*


Awesome story bro cant wait for more

oh so thats what i means

also yay update

What a nice, not-creepy chapter!

D'AAAAAWWWWW I smell a love interest.*sniffs* It smells, like burned poop?! No wait, that's my GF's cooking. ha! *runs off*

*flies after him while shooting paralysis spells*

In this chapter...

-Zack channels his inner "Leluche Vi Brittania".


Oh my, I wish my girlfriend could fly.


Say Whaaaaaat?

1683089 *still running* Not unless it's a crazy alicorn that randomly goes into heat! Well the randomly goes into heat part is my favorite. :twilightsmile:


Code Geass = amazing anime. Think along similar lines of V for Vendetta. Leluche is main character. (the guy I referenced. Just watch the first episode to fully understand reference)

It's still a wonder that this story hasn't got any romance yet with either Celestia or Luna Which the latter is now avaiable aswell.

Hmm an unusual combo of an 'herd' but i don't mind :) (if that is the way you go)
Just keep making these awesome chapters and i'll be happy.

Is there slavery in this fic?

Your insight leaves me in a state of both amazement and fear.


What do you mean by this?


Well i just thought that in the possible sequel story that you would make.
Luna, Pinkie and him form a herd. But like i said you never know until it is certain.

taoyang #21 · Jan 2nd, 2013 · · · 9 ·

Wow, Pinkie and Princess Luna, it a hard decision for Zachary. This chapter is so much win!

I want more of this.


People still like my stories?
I guess I'll keep writing them. By the way, thanks for the fav and the many silly pictures.

EDIT: Go read Dark Waters if you want a little MOAR

heck yeah! Spitfire the immortal! That is totally part of my secret head-canon now!

This gon' be interesting!


Well I'm glad one person thinks that

2289787 c: At least I'm positive! :pinkiehappy: We must see how dees will play out, eh, comrade?


Oh, but I know how it's going to play out, heck, I know how the series ends.

Are you insane to be thinking about whether or not your sane?
Are you sane to accept you are insane?

And so the adventure to find a cure begins! Huzzah!


It began in chapter 1, brotato

2364679 I know this, but its finally picking up and he's getting to what I would like to think as "close", although I probably know I'm wrong, :rainbowlaugh: Guessing and inferring is almost as fun as reading the actual thing! :pinkiehappy:

I know what you mean, I've been spending most of this series guessing what's going to happen, and I'm still watching carefully for stuff disproving my theories I've been making about the overarching plot of the series as a whole.:pinkiehappy:, I even have a "grand theory" that I don't want to know the answer to, but I keep searching for despite, though really my best evidence right now is "Why not?":rainbowwild:


A grand theory, huh? Now that would be a good read on my part :twilightsmile:

2366059 Well to be fair, you've already read the inspiration that's the core of my whole theory, seeing how I posted the idea as soon as I came up with it while reading Son of Eternity, and you replied to the comment.:twilightblush:


Ah, had to go back and find it. My bad!

I think I realized why most chapters don't have comments...People are in too much of a hurry to get to the next chapter to stop in-between.
Anyway, I like the story. The pacing and descriptions are exquisite, the characters believable and motivations explored and explained.
The ONLY gripe I have is that at this point three separate ponies have fallen in love with him.
Pinkie seems more like it should be a Father-Daughter thing. Luna is the most understandable as he presents an intellect and nature similar to hers, also he was there for her when she was trying to readjust to life in Equestria, but with Rainbow Dash it feels a bit forced. They spend an evening together and eventually she falls in love with him?
Feel free to ignore the gripe though because it's not like I have any actual say in this.


I read everyone's comments and am happy to hear everyone's opinions, good or bad.

I heard a lot of people from the first book say that there was no shipping between Zack at all and that there should be, but I meant for zero shipping to happen in the first book, to save it for this book. Personally, I'm not a fan of romance, and especially not a fan of clop fictions, (which this story will never turn into), so I won't drag this story into a deep rut of either of the two. I add these two issues in to add to Zack's current state of mind (two because he doesn't know about RD yet). He is under a lot of stress, not only in his current condition, but his mental condition is breaking because of the void tearing. The options and potential relationships are there, but it will all work out in the end, and I doubt anyone will be able to see what's to come.

EDIT: Also, thank you for the positive critique. It brings a smile to my face knowing that people tell me that my story is believable and a great read.

Wow this chapter has revealed a lot about the background of Discord and has done it well good job 5/5 :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

That was dark

Frikkin caught up




Quick question, how long did it take you to read from chapter 1 of SoE to this chapter (estimated hours wise)?


Not all in one sitting, so I can't tell. My time's too constrained to make an accurate figure, but it is lengthy.


Well I would be astounded if you read 200k words in one sitting, I just wondering if you knew how much time you spent on it if it was regimened at point, (like you took a certain time out of your day to read it). Well if you don't know, could you take a stab at how many days you spent reading it? I'm just curious as to know how long it would possible take to read everything I have written about SoE


15 min to an hour in a sitting. It just depends on how much time I have at the moment.

How old is Zach compared to Pinkie? Didn't Zach find Pinkie when she was just a little filly?


Zack was about 18 when he got zapped to Equestria, Pinkie (in human years) would have been about 12. The reason I believe Pinkie was around 12 was because she was working on a rock farm and had quite a few responsibilities; and besides this, I based her age off of the present CMC's behavior, they act like 10-12 year olds, so that's what I assumed their ages were. 6 years pass since SoE to SoE2, so now Zack would be 24 and Pinkie 18. The only problem is that Zack is immortal, (which he really hasn't come to terms with) so his body is still 18, but his mind is of a 24 year old. So to answer your question, they are, right now, at the same age.

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