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It's Alive · 2:34am Jan 12th, 2014

So for those of you still keeping tabs on this story. Which I'd be surprised if there still were any. I'm sorry for the long delay, I've been a little busy with some new video games that I got and some new drumming equipment that caught my eye and my ears. But fear not! for there is another chapter on it's way, hopefully tomorrow if I keep up with how I'm writing right now. So, yeah. Look forward to that :)

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Thank you very much for putting something of mine on the bookshelf!

I hope you enjoy Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree!

Feel free to join me and it's community on Discord ; come bug me if you wish I encourage it.

If you find a grammar or other mistake, mention it in the comments and I will fix it or address it immediately.
Leave a comment on your thoughts and I'll shoot you one back too ;)

I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me an upvote because that is how FiM determines if more people see it (Yes, just like YouTube; Likes are the lifeblood of authors).

Thank you again,

So you use fluttershy staring into the cosmos driven insane as she noms on Angel bunny as an avatar? Are you fan of HP Lovecraft or am I just reaching too far?

2185438 it's not, I just kinda found it perusing the Internet ????

What episode is your avatar from?

Oh... uhhhh thanks? :rainbowhuh:

f*** it:trixieshiftleft:WHY CANT I GET A ART JOB:fluttercry:

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