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I just watched Equestria Girls And.... · 1:48am Aug 4th, 2013

You know what it was a great movie! I loved it. A lot of people I know said it was not so good but after watching it. It was bad. The story was wierd though. Twilight Sparkle Sent into anthro dimension for her crown.

Anyway it was a great movie and I wish someone will make a series on that highshcool anthro idea.

I give it a 9/10!

(NSFW-Ish Section)

The only thing I thought was kinda off was the Help Twily Sparkle Get The Crown song.

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Comment posted by The_Dash deleted Jun 5th, 2018

1677808 You are quite welcome :raritystarry:

Eagerlyawaiting the next chapter ^^.

I loved like, everybit of the story, really funny, and engaging, kept me waiting the next word. Also, funniest part has to be at the end of chapter three, when everyone finds out about Diamond Tiara and Applebloom, Scootaloos comment is so perfectly timed.

1675822 *faints*
Lyra: *reads post* whoa, wake up
*slowly comes to* Muffin?
Lyra: High five
... you lack the digit to do so, Bro hoof
*Bro hoof of victory*
Thanks for that! I mean, that was one of the best if not the best complements I've ever gotten! Thanks so much!

1667576 You are quite welcome :3, your story, "I am yours" is literally one of the best I've ever read, wish it was canon. Keep writing!

Thanks for the favorite!

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