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I play video games, a great many instruments, and used to write once in a blue moon. I don't anymore, but I'm still active here.


Is Fanfiction Worth It Anymore? · 9:57pm Mar 15th, 2015

Jerry Peet has become an interesting influence in my life recently. As have a few other members of the analytical community. However, if I'm going to watch any of those people (Silver Quill, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, etc.), I tend to prefer someone other than Jerry. Sure he's entertaining in his episode summaries, but some of his Glass of Water videos come off as pushy and obnoxious.

Earlier today, I was watching Jerry and another YouTuber discussing fanworks...

...for almost an hour.

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Thank you so much for favoriting "A Shade of Blue, A Hint of Orange"! :twilightsmile:

WTF did i just read?

You know... That just might fit :pinkiecrazy:

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