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Where the hell is the new AcceleRacers Chapter? :twilightangry2: I either :yay: or LITERALLY :fluttercry: when I watch the movies, I :rainbowlaugh: when I watch this show, so where's the continuation, dammit? I'm not trying to be mean, but I've waited for months! I usually have the patience of :twilightsmile: , but this is ridiculous! :pinkiesad2:

Hello sir or madame,

I am Obsidian Raindrop the creator of a group known as The Great and Not Obsessive Trixie I am here to ask if you would like your story to be added to my group.

The only requirements are:

1. You have a story about Trixie and she is not completely obsessing over her lose at the hands of Twilight. (She can hate that she lost to twilight and even try and beat again but she just can't be be so obsessive like she is in most stories. )
2. She may be a supporting character or a main character it does not matter.
3. i can`t think of a third thing

It's me Osidian again asking you guys to do stuff you don't want to.

1. tell me the name of your story and the one folder you want it in

2. join the group it is really cool and we'll soon get a banner up

3. fallow because it will boost my confidence

Sorry to all those who either received this email twice or who don`t have trixie as a main or supporting character. Also just PM me if you want your story added.

Yours truly, Obsidian Raindrop



Well the fact it was so dark yet near the end of the chapter some hope was glimmering in all the darkness... Im thinking spike might get picked up by the crystal ponies and healed back up to fight sombra.

also i just like it when the villian actually wins its so rare in anything that i've seen for instance when the villian nearly won in the end of Avatar the Last Airbender Book Earth i was in my seat waiting for the final book.

finally the spire description was so nice and when spike was all the way down there it reminded me of the half life citadel after the explosion.

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