Hello Commander

In response to the Alien threat, this council of Nations has chosen to activate the XCOM project.

Fear not, for you will not be facing this threat alone. Supreme Commander Fareseed and your fellow Commanders will stand by you. As will our new Equestrian allies. You will find friends and allies in the most unlikely places, whether it be the showoffs Rainbow Dash and "The Great and Powerful" Trixie, or even whole new armies that will aid us in our war, Queen Chrysalis and her Changlings alongside King Storm-Wing and his Griffins.

As always, your choices will decide the future of not only our world, but Equestria as well.

Good Luck Commander

We will be watching

Rank of Contributor is achieved when creating a X-Com story.
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407336 Not sure we lost early as everyone recalls seeing Etherials and bigger mutons and creepier chysalids. So we evidently didn't lose early, we just lost all our stuff.


The Psi Operatives definitely felt a lot more powerful in this game than in the previous game. A funny thing is that the Null Lance ability is eerily similar to the LANC rifles in Mente Materia. Perhaps the creators read fanfics?


Here's to hoping we do win this one canonically...

On the plus side, my group of soldiers definitely felt more badass... Especially that fully skilled Magus in my team...


I am still chafed about how apparently losing, and losing early, is the canon ending from X-COM EU/EW. While one could argue that the winning ending was canon and that this is simply the result of the main force assaulting Earth, as opposed to the "test" force you fight in EU/EW, the fact that X-COM apparently got taken out so fast that they completed NO research whatsoever contradicts that theory. No plasma weaponry, no psionics research, no grapple suits or heavy armor, no MECs or SHIVs? Man, I did not raise the most technologically advanced, badass army of alien fighters ever known just to have their accomplishments be declared non-canon!

On the other hand, it would be interesting to start getting some X-PONY fics set in X-COM 2, where humanity is on the brink of defeat as opposed to simply being pressed in the first game, and thus will be a LOT more wary and suspicious of non-humans.

Well, hello fellow commanders.

As you may have heard, we kinda failed our task and aliens are currently ruling over Earth.

But, there are good news. Our base is now a badass ship, though ressources are a lot harder to come by, and we're more determined than ever to show those aliens human determination. In less than day, we begin our retaliation, and we shall take our homeworld back! Ready your pcs and consoles, and for those of you who can, begin your pre-loads!

In short, XCOM2 is coming, I got high hopes for it, and pre-load is available (at least on Steam) so those who want can begin to play the minute it's out!!!

what about xcom enemy within

You have deserved the rank as Contributor. I have tried to get the game running for a long time.

Downloaded with what? Firefox? Chrome? Internet Explorer?

Edit. Best to switch to Mail. When you will be sending ID and Password it's best not to make such things public. Even in safest Brony place. Because we don't live in Equestria.

Okay... downloaded it... but now I don't know where that file went...

Never heard of before. I don't think I have it.

Okay. Do you have Team Viewer?
If you don't download here. I will fix everything. :facehoof:

I don't know what happen.
It come up a list of files. I don't know if it tried to open them or what.

I tried to get it to work but I don't understand. I come as far as to mount the file, but then. I don't understand at all. What is setup? cd? I only get confused.

I think this is in total my fifth try to activate it. :(

I will download the game again and try one more time.

Also, what do you mean with

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\dosbox-{version}.conf

I don't understand that part at all. I did never find it when I used alt + tab.

Sorry, do what? :rainbowderp:
Why would you try to open SCREEN00 ? :rainbowhuh:
There is fine working exe.

I get lost when trying to do it.
I don't understand how to activate it :(
Last time it opened a lot of files like the SCREEN00.something
Is that suposed to happen?

I am already using it as intro to my chapters... and I have it on my userpage... but nice that you put it in.

Sweet! My description is in!

Thanks. I will now only need to figure out the \Local Settings\Application Data\ on swedish.

Run Dos Box. Type in as follows (per usual, replace drive name with drive where your game is located)
Mount F: F:\
cd games\x-com

Now alt+tab to windows explorer and find file dosbox-{version}.conf

IF Windows XP
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\dosbox-{version}.conf
IF Windows Vista & Windows 7
{system drive}:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\DOSBox\dosbox-{version}.conf

Open file with Notepad.
Locate line [sblaster]
Now keep that window open and tab back to dos-box. Input everything as said in conf file. Might take one or two runs.
When done, type in Dos-box one more command.

Oh, and when you are done, type in "exit" after closing the game. :twilightsmile:

P.S. Example. If you have game in C:\OldGames\Xcom
Then it would be
Mount C: C:\
cd oldgames\xcom

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