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Calling all C&C bronies! This is your new command post! Add your C&C fics here and chat about all that is Command and Conquer and Ponies!

We are growing every day!

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Well, I uploaded a new banner, anyway :rainbowdetermined2:

Congratulations, you're an admin now. Consider this an official announcement.

The other two admins are out, obviously. I'm not totally dead, but I've been off of the pony cocaine train for a while now. Is it a good time to return? Who knows. Anyways, my stories can sit for eternity and not hurt (many) people, but a public group is a different thing.

I hope you'll do better than me. (Though to be honest I've never done much in the first place.)

I greatly appreciate it, I don't want to see this group become forgotten. It didn't end well for the shiners.

I sent the most recently-active one a PM asking if they'd consider adding me as staff. I'll keep you updated,

Uh oh, just had a look at the listed admins. All three have not logged in for a very long time. I could try sending them a PM and hope they will answer.

A group admin just needs to restore it... I'm not a group admin.

thats an awful shame, is there anyway to renew it?

Seems all banners got reset in a recent update... it's the same in a load of other groups.

What happened to our glorious mare of NOD banner?:fluttershysad:

Mmm mm mm, lordy lordy, who is that pony on the banner? :rainbowkiss:
She is just adorably delicious looking~ :yay:

Sweet found a good group that like command and conquer

372533 how you kill something that you can not see? And if you think temple prime was you wasn't we let you think that we lost but we planed everything from the start.


HaHa pathetic attempt!!!

But first before I wipe you from existence I want to know one thing!!!

You want cake or pie?

372459 ha you I'm scared of them when in fact they fears us. I an confessor my faith is with Nod and Kane you must hold you tongue.


The Solar Empire will burn you to dust.

372235 You shall burn by the purifying flame

  • Viewing 48 - 67 of 67