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College inbound! · 6:53pm Aug 3rd, 2013

Hey folks, to any of you who are wondering why I'm not updating a lot anymore, I'm actually in the process of preparing for college! It's going to be amazing and fun, but also very time consuming. I simply don't have the time to be working on my stories enough to make any significant progress. Basically, until things settle down and I find enough time to actually let the mojo flow, consider all of my stories to be on hiatus. I'm going to be even busier in college, so this might be a long one,

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Cool stories, bro

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... and so the Slender man says... "I need abou' tree fiddy." :trollestia:

Psst. Hey... hey you. Chapter 2 part 1 of Mad World is up now. Just figured I'de let you know.
Oh, and SlenderMan wants something.

111142 K, thanks bud. :ajsmug: And make sure to have a good night. :raritywink:

Ha, it's cool. But yeah, I'll give it a shot tomorrow when I'm not about to pass out :twilightsmile:

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