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Yellow eyes, pained lies. · 3:12am Oct 29th, 2023

Eyes of yellow.
The form of fear.
Once awake.
Pray it never escapes.

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Welcome to my reading experience of
'Marksaline the Necromorph Queen'

Hope you will enjoy future chapters a well.

Likes and appreciated comments are always welcome ♡

Hope you enjoy the story and comment section of my stories.

Especially the unexpected turn of events i come up on occasion...


Hope you enjoy the community of Fimfiction.
And welcome to the herd of readers.
I recommend the text to speech function :raritywink:
Interaction can be quite entertaining, in many comment section the humor and creativity can be quite unexpected.

Stories live and die with their reader appreciation.
Hope you and others do swim instead of sinking with it.

Okay, now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up. I was rereading the chapter over and over because I didn't understand that first, but now I got it

His body was destroyed in the explosion. The one he has now used the old one as a blueprint so that explains the scars, Anubis will find this out for himself soon.

Wait, I'm confused. Isn't he become a zombie? He was affected before he came to this world. Or does him coming to this world stop the zombie process.🫤

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  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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