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Try and guess my favorite pokemon. No, really.

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What's a pokemon doin' here?

I'm just writing things to make people feel really good. And then make them feel bad, then much better again!

I sometimes make art of my own stories.

Avid writer on FF.net, (though I've mostly abandoned the site) same name: FIygon

Why is an MLP fanfiction site the best designed FF site on the internet? sigh

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What happened to the new chapter?

Thank you! That means a lot. :yay:

I sometimes wish I could find writers who write similarly to my stories. Closest I've found is Discombobulated Soul and his Libero story.

Both your stories are so good. You’re one of the few authors I find that writes anything I love about a fanfic. Can’t wait to see more

The Legend of Spyro, and Lion King.
And no, I've only written two pokemon stories but they're not action stories. And also pretty bad writing by my standards.
My FF.net

How many long Pokemon action stories have you written?

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