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Trust Once Lost - Chapter 1 Audiobook · 11:45pm May 16th, 2020

Chapter 1 audiobook is now available on youtube

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Thanks for the favorite.

You’re not green, you’re lime green!

I want to see the emails that get sent to people that have my story favorited and how long it takes for them to arrive.

Wait... I was going through your favorites list and you have your own story favorited?:trollestia:

Nothing wrong with it, I just find it funny!:scootangel:

Hey, was just browsing through some older stories I'd upvoted but haven't completed and was wondering... have you already made a statement about the hiatus of Rules of Engagement? If you have sorry but I can't find it :fluttershyouch:

  • Viewing 80 - 84 of 84
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