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So, Bronies Stand United was orginally a group about exactly that. Except there was a lot of pride being with-held about being bronies. No, we are just normal people, who needs to stand-up for our beliefs no matter what they are. Brony or not, people are people and the hate that goes on in the world isn't (for a lack of better words) good. So this group is going to be a little less prideful about being a brony, and should be more of a group about love and... well, tolerance. Cliche yes, but I mean being a community of people, we have to learn to get along, and many of us re pretty guilty of being a snob of anything brony. So, what is this group then? Not really much other than a general discussion group now, and if you want your stories to be noticed, by all means post them.

Story Posting:
- Limit the story to one folder please.
- Make sure to post under the proper tags.
- Post your story in accordance to this order.
1. Clop, Sex
2. Human, Anthro
3. O.C stories
4. Random, Comedy
5. Alternate Universe, Crossover
6. Dark
7. Romance
8. Adventure
9. Slice of Life
10. Sad, Tragedy
Also, a shout out to Daemon N67 also known as 502 Alekesu. He will be missed by many on here.

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I really hope people like my stories...:pinkiesad2:.

Count me in!:pinkiehappy:

We need a banner for this group:fluttershysad: anybody have any ideas?

Hopefully this time we don't have a dumbass leader. JK I luv u Daemo


> inb4 this group gets deleted too. hopefully it will not

I had to.

Trust me, this time, I won't troll, I'll keep my self-control. But sometimes, expect me to crack a joke.

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