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Well, we saw that the clones don't have as much knowledge as the real ones, like the cloens didn't knew the names of the mane 6, so I doubt she would know all the spells.

To be honest I was pretty drunk when I wrote this, but nonetheless, I'm assuming since the Pinkies knew how to walk, talk and break the laws of physics, that Twilight's clone could know some spells.

That was a bit inevitable.

1639063 Oh well who knows. I would have though she would ask Celestia to fill the pond with cement.

I know it's stupid, but I can just imagine real Twilight saying "Don't blast me, bro! DON'T BLAST ME, BRO."

I like how the narration is from Twilight. I think you captured her personality quite well.

This thing needs the horror tag, in my opinion.

Short, but sufficiently creepy.

Can't see a horror tag, but I've made it dark.

Niiiiiice. You get a thumbs up from me for your excellent descriptive wording. I could practically see the entire story. Although technically Twilight Sparkle couldn't have cloned herself without saying the magic words Pinkie Pie used. But you know who cares? I don't! It's fan fiction!:twilightsmile:

Thanks :twilightsmile:

Ahh, but how do we know that scientifically? Pinkie Pie always used the words and no-pony ever tried doing it without the words, so really the words might just be a old mares tale. If I were Twilight that would be one of the first tests I'd perform.

Well thought out and reall well told!:twilightsmile:

What can go wrong? Do you want the list in alphabetic order or in the order I may get the things up?

Tom why didn't you try to stop Twilight? :pinkiegasp: Are you still upset with her for using your crystal pony cousin as a fake crystal heart and then letting him get smashed to pieces? :trixieshiftright:

That was awesome! :pinkiecrazy:

Short, sweet, to the point.

It's amazing just how many sources of blood-curdling existential horror they're starting to sneak into a show for little girls. Between the pool and the Changelings, it's a wonder there are any actual ponies still left in Ponyville ...

Lovely. She has no mouth, and she must scream.

I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have put together an audio version on YouTube.

i heard scribbler's reading and... wow. i really felt for twilight. for all she knew, a thousand years could've passed and she'd never know.

as i can see it, her only real hope is if somepony decedent from pinkie goes to the pool. then, she might be freed when the pony says the words and, instead of a clone of themself, they restore twilight's body.

Link is broken, you might want to update it :scootangel:


Unfortunately the video had to be taken down because of copyright problems with the music. :raritydespair:

¬°That will learn that genocidal maniac!

Damn, that was a thriller. Nice job! I loved this.

Will this become a series?

Ties into the old legends of seeing your doppelgänger being a sign of your eminent undoing quite well.

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