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Star Shimmering

"You can make anything by writing." --C.S. Lewis. Hope to entertain you all. Let’s all have fun and read together, yea?

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  • Tuesday
    Striding Outlander | 2nd Featured!

    Huh… never thought I’d see the day where I find my story being second featured.

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  • Tuesday
    Striding Outlander | Officially released

    Consider this as my come back. (If God Wills), I might make another blog regarding me coming back into writing, my goals, and much more in the future. But for now this story will be the main focus before anything else is worked on and I still need time to think.

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  • Sunday
    Lost in mind

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  • 2 weeks
    [Art Display] Learning how to let go…

    The hardest thing about loving someone, is when that person you love is holding hands with another. Leaving you with only one option:

    Move on and let her go. But is letting go that easy?

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  • 2 weeks
    [Art Display] My own Cutie Mark

    Thought it is time that I make my official OC Pony of myself. This cutie-mark is not just a sneak peak but an inspiration and is the soul core to my last name Shimmering.

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Striding Outlander | 2nd Featured! · 10:04pm Last Tuesday

Huh… never thought I’d see the day where I find my story being second featured.

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Id rather be Darth vaders doppelgänger than a changeling

My wife is photo finish at least I will be recognized around the world. FOR I THUNDER SPARKS HAVE ARRIVED. Could be worse though I will be praying to Faust for those born in October. Hope they have nice bug waifu.

So I got Apple Jacks mother. Not complaining too much but I feel bad for all you October people.

Nope, 'cuz Tiny Twi is giving you a free book :3 📖


Um… should I be worried?

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