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Just a mediocre writer and yuri fanatic. Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/yuri_fanatic

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  • 56 weeks
    I posted a new chapter!

    I'm alive.
    Read mah fic!

    8 comments · 480 views
  • 82 weeks
    My fic has reached 4th place amongst Silver Spoon fics!

    I looked up all the Silver Spoon fanfiction rankings to see where my fic held up, and I was surprised to see mine taking 4th place among them! (The very top being a clopfic from 2013, but I digress.)

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    6 comments · 489 views
  • 83 weeks
    A Nightmare's Respite

    Yet another commission done by UrbanQhoul!

    1 comments · 283 views
  • 101 weeks
    Author Update!

    Hi guys, I'm still alive.
    Still working on the next chapter.
    I'd also like to thank all of you who donated to my ko-fi!
    Don't worry, I still have that money and I still plan to use it for art commissions.
    However I really only plan on commissioning one on really important scenes that I think deserve it.

    I like how everyone also has theories that everypony or someponies are human reincarnations.

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    3 comments · 429 views
  • 104 weeks
    Fic Stats!

    My main fic has finally reached 9k views!
    Number of bookshelves: 2846
    Tracking: 1416

    Thank you all for reading and supporting my fic! :scootangel:

    7 comments · 371 views

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