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  • 1 week
    Monthly Update #3 April 2021

    Firstly let's check over my schedule from last month

    1. Pon-Everse part 2 - Prose and Green Completed, you can find it Here

    2. OC fic I was unhappy with how this came out, and it's in the process of being reworked. So keep an eye out for Daughters of Dusk

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  • 6 weeks
    Monthy Update #2 March 2021

    Firstly let's check over my schedule from last month

    1. Chapter 10 of New Beginnings - Complete, just waiting for the chapter artwork.

    2. Luna Pon-E TF Greentext Part 2 + Part 1 prose adaptation - Greentext is in the works, obviously the prose is completed it's uploaded lol

    3. Interlude + Chapter 11 of New Beginnings - Slight scheduling change for those, in that I'm going to finish the situation that unfolds in chapter 10 before the interlude

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  • 8 weeks
    Just a short update!

    Don't worry I'm not dead, just holding back on uploading anything until I've got everything ready, so expect some fun stuff coming out by the end of the month.


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  • 10 weeks
    Monthy Update #1 February 2021

    For all of you who started following me because of BFP, I do have a continuation in the works. Probably a little longer than the original (2-3 chapters), as well as a tentative idea for a third installment, to make it a neat little trilogy. So rest assured I do plan on continuing it! however, I figured it would be best to clarify what my planned schedule for working on stuff is right now.

    As it stands right now my schedule for stuff is
    1. Chapter 10 of New Beginnings

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  • 15 weeks
    An update about my fic

    Just wanted to let all of you who followed me know what my plan is going forward.

    At time of writing I'm working on chapter 5 of NWNBNC (really do need a better nickname for it) however I'm going to take a little longer with each chapter than I did when the fic first uploaded.

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If the name starts with a 'J'? Maybe.

If I'm entirely honest I think I know who you mean

That seems about right, I suppose. It's just... the one 'bouncing' these ideas off of me was really weird with insisting an idea made sense when I could see glaring holes in it. And they kept coming up with more ideas when I told them I wasn't interested. *shrug*

I think there's a difference between bouncing ideas off someone and trying to push your ideas on them to write, if that makes sense?

Like explaining a story arc and asking if they see any plot holes is something I tend to do with my proofers

Huh. Sounds like some of the stuff people have written to me for story ideas. So far, I haven't come across someone that had an idea for a story that I liked, but I generally don't like it when people want to bounce ideas off of me. Sometimes it feels like they want me to write them that story. >.>

  • Viewing 56 - 60 of 60
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