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This story is a sequel to Living in the Limelight

Neil's dreams had changed ever since he transformed into the Princess of the Night, spending his nights in a strange place which he suspects is the dreamscape. When a pink orb appears practically radiating negative emotions he knows he must step in to try and help. After all, what are princesses for?

What he didn't expect what he'd find in that dream and the ponies he'd meet afterwards.

Part 3 of the Pon-Efluff story continuity!
Now that our cast has been introduced, what will happen when a certain pink mare encounters the human who moonlights as the princess of the night.

I'll be uploading more to this as I write it, so don't worry this is a longer fic than the last two Pon-E stories.
I'll reply to any comments, so please leave one with your thoughts!

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Very nice, can't wait for the rest.

The Pon-E was originally a greentext story, right? Was it ever explained what exactly the drug is, or is it just up to each author's head-canon?

So, the original was just a short Greentext posted in /PTFG/. I think it's somewhere in the Greentext archive.

The original established the 12 hour time limit, what 1-3 doses would do and that's about it. The original (I think? Might just have been another Pon-E green by the same writer) said the origin of the drug was a particularly bad Tomato Sauce recipe which went wrong and resulted in Pon-E.

As for other species like Changelings, Gryphons and others it's more mixed. I've got my plans for other species (not gonna spoil them yet) and I believe Alycorn (a fairly prolific writer in the thread) has done other species as well? Although I might be wrong on that.

Aww, this is already the perfect start to the story, you couldn't have chosen a better one even if you tried. :heart:
I just love the way you portray Luna learning about the duty of dream walking and the dream realm in general. Not to forget, the way Luna helps Limelight work through the emotional turmoil, I hate it when it ends with doom and gloom, so good job! :yay:

“Pray tell, what does thee see when thou look behind us?”

Something bugs me about that sentence...

Anyway, eagerly looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:


“Pray tell, what does thee see when thou look behind us?”

Something bugs me about that sentence...

I think it could be "Pray Tell, what does thou see when thou looks behind us?"

So I'll probably tweak that spelling error when I get chapter 2 up

Blackmore's Night's best album.

Also, haven't read, but will when more chapters are out.

I'm packing in as many song references as I can for this series :rainbowlaugh:

and I'll agree with you that its their best

I'm so glad I am not the only one to catch that... I was worried I'd be saying something no one would get.
Hands and hooves down one of my favorite albums of all time.

Hopefully, I'll be able to work in some other tracks, I've got a few ones planned from Richie Blackmore's discography

Can't wait for the next chapter! What's the ETA for the next chapter?

Aiming for getting it done before next month, if I don't I'll be posting about it in my monthly update blogs though!

Richie? How whole discography? Dude's an unrequited hero of rock and roll, that's a hell of an ambition and I respect you for taking it.

I've seen Rainbow Live and he served as my introduction to rock n roll, so expect some fun little song names dotted here and there. Some I will confess are pretty obvious tho

I'll probably get most of them.
My ex wife did a paper on him because I got her into Blackmore's Night and she was shocked to find out all he's done. That's how I got more into Richie.
I'm actually gonna use lyrics from Blackmore's Night for inspiration in a story I'm writing more.

Damn nice! so far I've got one character planned based on a song from Rainbow, and probably gonna yoink song titles for stuff that feels thematic to chapters.

Limelight kinda set the bar for song references for my writing tbh

No such thing! There's enough music out there. I know you can do it!

Thanks man, hope you enjoy the next chapter when it comes out!


Hang on, how come Neil-as-luna didn't seem to recognise his dad/limelight...? Just 'because dream' or is there something more worrying at play here... danger, will robertson

Limelight isn't Neil/Luna's dad. sorry, hoped that was clear in this but I realise if people haven't read the other two fics it might not be.

Limelight's son is Freddy


Ahhhhhh my bad - I read the other two but got them mixed up haha

No worries! It was bound to happen eventually. Could have been worse, both Freddy/Fleetwood and Neil/Luna were originally called Anon in the Greentext

I just binged read these and I love them.

Glad to hear that, I've got more of this story in the works. Been taking ages to get it right, but if all goes well chapter 2 should be out this month

Well as long as you don’t rush it I am sure it will be fantasticly amazing!

Honestly I wish I'd had more free time to get my fics updated, been swamped with uni work for months now

Well school should come first so if it takes awhile then I am sure everyone would understand.

Aye, if all goes according to my current plan I should have a real bomb of content for you all once I have time to finish.

as it stands I've got 1 Chapter of this fic, another chapter for Daughter of Dusk, and 2 for a secret project I'm working on

Well when it’s ready I will devour it fast. By devour I mean I will read it when I see it.

Effin cute. 'nough said. :heart:

I'm not against taking on an editor to be honest, drop me a PM and we can talk about it

Just found this series and really like it so far! Was hoping there might be an update on Chapter 3?

Aye! I do monthly updates on the blog part of my profile but as for chapter 3 I'm currently in exam season and having to get through that before I can dedicate more time to writing.

I should be able to get ch3 out in December?

Okay I'll admit I've had a lot of delays and been procrastinating too.

I'm gonna try to get ch3 finally released before my new job starts May 2nd

Good story, I wonder how far away the pony party is from them. I wonder if Luna will try teleporting them or opening a portal. Going through airport security with an illegal drug would be too risky so I would imagine it's either magic or driving, (or chartering a plane if they're loaded).

Can't reveal too much, but I have a plan don't worry

The third chapter is still in the works, just struggling to finish it

I know the feeling of struggling to write stuff. I should be working on a magic school bus crossover and instead I'm playing stardew valley

Amen to that one, getting back in the groove is so damn hard

Interesting concept, can’t wait for more.

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