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Write scripts and also do science stuff, what more could you ask for.


Oh look at that, some weird random human has appeared on here, well dear traveler, welcome. If you have stumbled upon here then welcome, if you didn't mean to come here, welcome all the same, hopefully you will find something of interest. My main goal right now is to start work on a couple of voice acting projects, to be named at a later point, and to get sort of a group put together for people of the community who love voice acting work. If your interested in any of the work I do here, then this is the place to get updates on projects.

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Yar! A pirate by the name of Bluebeard stole me booty! Your favorite of Shattered Souls is the only way to get it back! ...Yar!

This favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake... I MUST GO. FURTHER. BEYOND! A mere thank you! FOR GREAT SCIENCE!

Can’t believe we’re almost half way through 2020.

Coffee myself, but I enjoy the variety of tea.

Depends, if I'm cramming through the night I go for the coffee, but if I'm just relaxing I'll go with tea. Now Mr.Questions, what about yourself?

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