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Somewhere out there, there is a rainbow made of blue, white, and pink colors. 🌈 (She/her)

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  • 6 weeks

    Nailed it! :moustache:

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  • 7 weeks
    So... that only took almost two years.

    A total of 70k views across all chapters and almost 3k bookshelves that people added it to, whether favorites or more specific ones. Let's just conveniently ignore that red bar and celebrate the 600 for what it is. Thanks to all of you that gave it a thumbs up (especially those of you that give one with their favorite, you guys are the real MVPs here).

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  • 9 weeks
    36 to 8, huh?

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  • 10 weeks
    *UPDATE* The fluffy bunnies seek thy aid.

    Okay, guys,

    I don't do this often (or at all, really), but since it's kinda my thing to help people out when they actually deserve the aid, I feel like this is one of the few rare times where I would abuse my non-existent popularity to hopefully get some of you to take a look at this:

    Some Sad News And A Request

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  • 10 weeks
    The fluffy bunnies have been appeased... for now. ;)


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Sparkly! · 3:17pm April 1st

Nailed it! :moustache:

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Well... that turned out alright? · 5:07pm Dec 18th, 2021

I tried. I honestly tried. By all things holy, that damn mane *unintelligible screaming*

"But Feynna, why not add in the helmet?" you might say, and to you, I say *unintelligible screaming intensifies*

At least I managed to get the 'ground' right... after almost going insane because making the ground incorporeal is just fun, yay. *cries in a corner*

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