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If I could be a horse, I would be a changeling. Then I could be a human. (She/her)

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Well... that turned out alright? · 5:07pm Dec 18th, 2021

I tried. I honestly tried. By all things holy, that damn mane *unintelligible screaming*

"But Feynna, why not add in the helmet?" you might say, and to you, I say *unintelligible screaming intensifies*

At least I managed to get the 'ground' right... after almost going insane because making the ground incorporeal is just fun, yay. *cries in a corner*

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Damn fine Underground. Is this Nightmaremoon a stallion? That wide mussle...

No. I just draw my muzzles a bit wider. I think it makes my art more cute & unique. :3

Point taken. What is the picture for?

Might eventually make a "reincarnated" as Nightmare / Luna story. No promises, though. I'm still nowhere near finished with the side story for Twin Suns (I'll post a teaser soon-ish... *cough*).

Looking forward reading it. I got finaly my own storys published. Unfortunately do moderation approval seem to take forever when i use it. But better save than sorry.

Nowhere near you'r level. How you manage you'r huge chapters is something i can't even imagen :rainbowderp: Probably the problems with my grammar keep me to 3000 words per chapter at best :facehoof:

Just... take your time. From what you've told me, you tend to use text to speech a lot, perhaps that might hinder you, too. I've been reading English stories for about-ish ten years now and once I started actually writing, I steadily got better. Since I started doing that, I've been relying less and less on Grammarly because due to all the practice, I simply made fewer mistakes. Then again, some mistakes still manage to get through even after plenty of thorough editing sessions. :raritywink:

Indeed. I use text to speech non stop, but i read the words along for any mistakes i can spot. Thanks to occational help from my readers, did i improve a lot over time.

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